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Greater immersion and realism delivers more excitement in gaming

The way we experience computer games has changed a lot in the past decade, thanks to the development of more sophisticated and powerful mobile devices that allow people to enjoy apps and games on the go. Meanwhile, more serious ‘gamers’ are busy exploring virtual worlds that offer them the opportunity to express their creativity and experiment with different identities.

The third great trend in this sector is the continuing growth of e-sports, which has recently emerged as a billion-dollar industry. We are likely to see a convergence of VR and mobile gaming with e-sports, with the additional integration of blockchain. The iF DESIGN AWARD offers designers and manufacturers of gaming equipment the chance to make sure that their devices – whether consoles, laptops, PCs or accessories – stand out from the crowd.


Product Design

Gaming / VR / AR

Show the iF jurors for product design the best innovations of your Gaming/VR/AR portfolio like ...

  • VR and AR devices with focus on gaming

  • Gaming monitors,

  • Gaming PCs, gaming AIOs,

  • Gaming consoles,

  • Gaming phones,

  • Gaming tablets, gaming notebooks, gaming laptops,

  • Gaming input devices

    • gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gamepads, gaming controllers,

  • Gaming chassis

  • Gaming chairs and more.

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Awarded gaming devices for fans and newbies



Designs can be submitted in 9 main disciplines with various subcategories and even across disciplines.


Owned by the certified non-profit iF DESIGN FOUNDATION, which promotes design and its social value, iF Design is truly independent.

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Early Bird – 30 Jun 2023: EUR 250
Regular – 29 Sept 2023: EUR 350
Last Chance – 8 Nov 2023: EUR 450

Time to complete your application until 8 Nov

iF Online Preselection 4-8 December

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After passing the iF Online Preselection, your entry is evaluated by the iF Final Jury in Berlin 20-22 Feb 2024

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In April 2024, iF Design starts a global winners campaign

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