Prestige and Quality in perfect Balance

To us at iF Design, a good design evaluation is always a question of perspectives: Every season, we work on this goal and are beyond proud of our ever growing international jury to secure a truly multifaceted and profound evaluation.

Today, more than 130 international and prestigious design professionals - from renowned icons to younger shootingstars, from global players to smaller creative hubs - are part of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 Jury!

Ana Relvão - Relvãokellermann Studio, Munich, Germany

"As a major international design competition, it serves as an excellent example of the forefront of industrial design in a variety of areas. My personal motivation derives from a desire to comprehend and contribute to the evolving landscape of industrial design. The opportunity to see the majority of the applications in real during the final jury session is not only extremely beneficial for successful judging, but it also provides a unique opportunity to deepen my appreciation for innovative design approaches and engage with fellow professionals who share a similar dedication to design excellence."

More female designers, highly international and neutral

Being part of the jury, is a professional appreciation! Our jurors come from over 20 countries. They have to have high intercultural understanding: They should know why a coffee machine in Turkey has to fulfill different criteria as in North America. What else do we look for in our jurors: At best the international design community should know the juror and trust him or her to make an objective, neutral judgement. They have to have an "eye" for the smallest detail and the have to be fair in their judging.

What we are especially proud of at iF and what we – passionately – worked on over the years: The percentage of female jurors grew up to 50 percent! We could not guarantee a great jury, without the female perspective.

iF DESIGN AWARD Jury - a diverse and international jury panel
iF DESIGN AWARD Jury - a diverse and international expert jury
Frank Zierenberg - Project Coordinator at iF Design

Frank Zierenberg, Project Director at iF Design:

"Every year we do a jury feedback and discuss with iF team members and chair persons the quality of the jury. Did some jurors dismiss our standards? Did they really fulfill all criteria set up for a respectful competition? This way, we can guarantee a fair and balanced jury process every year with the best of the best."

What do the jurors think about the iF Final Jury 2022?

After two "digital" years, the first major live event of iF Design took place in Berlin with 75 design experts from 23 nations: The iF Final Jury 2022!

The unique charm of the old industrial Wilhelm Hallen provided a special setting for the iF jurors. After three intensive jury days full of competent discussions, arguments, examinations and tests, the winners were determined.

Darragh Murphy, Senior Partner at Brazilian management consultancy DUCO
Darragh Murphy, Senior Partner at Brazilian management consultancy DUCO
"The jury feedback poster and scorecard is a tool for the design community to improve itself. A lot of information can be gathered from just these few columns of data."