iF digital winners' campaign 2022

Our digital winner campaign 2022 lets your design become part of a worldwide message on the relevance of design!
The goal is highlighting outstanding, surprising and well-crafted design achievements.

You are welcome to share the outcome with your audience!

More Benefits

iF Aluminum Certificates

You already received two brushed aluminum certificates (21 cm x 21 cm) via postal for use at exhibitions, at trade shows, in showrooms and on your desk. These aluminum certificates for award winners are included in the winner’s package.

If you want to order additional certificates, please send an email to award@ifdesign.com and provide the following information:

  • entry name and entry ID

  • order address

  • your contact data including Name, phone number and email

  • the number of aluminium certificates you want to order

Additional certificates: EUR 35 each (advance payment only), incl. packaging (plus postage and, if applicable, VAT).

iF winner exhibition in Chengdu

Your award-winning entry can be on display at the iF Design Exhibition Chengdu. This exhibition option is for all winners free of charge excluding shipping. With the iF Design Center Chengdu, iF has realized its vision to create a world-class innovation hub for the design and creative industry in China.

  • Your design can be showcased in a temporary exhibition.

  • If you need more information on how to take part, please contact Joe Xiao via email (award@ifdesign.com).