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strong trends for Babies/Kids

- Eco-friendly solutions
- Sustainability through recycled material
- Comfort and safety
- Cleanliness and hygiene
- Itself is the child

Sustainability, cleanliness, hygiene, practicality, multifunctional, space-saving, comfortable, handy, maximize freedom of movement, ergonomics

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Product Design

1.06 Babies & Kids

Lifestyle of families is an important and high frequented "showroom" for best babies and kids design. Parents and grandparents more than the real target group obay very much products which design grounds on sustainable trends and focusing on durablity for more than one generation. An attractive market segment with the best competitive conditions. Take your chance!

  • Baby - at home and on the go,
    Prams, stroller, buggies, joggers,
    child car seats, other car safety items,
    diaper bags, baby - health & care,
    kitchen aids

  • Child safety indoor and outdoor,

  • Children's furniture,

  • Children´s clothing,
    Baby fashion, children's fashion, children's shoes,
    textile equipment,

  • Fashion for mother and child,
    maternity fashion,

  • Mother - health & care,
    nutrition, media

  • Toys
    Baby and toddler toys ( 0-3 years),
    Electronic & acoustic children's toys,
    Outdoor toys,
    Dolls, stuffed toys, terry toys, plush toys,
    Wooden children's toys,

  • Kindergarten supplies

  • Playground equipment

  • School essentials, Teaching supplies and more

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