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Public design is all about creating common experiences

The iF Design Awards elevates public design that consider usability, durability, aesthetics, and safety, promote a sense of community, and encourage social interaction, while also accommodating individuals with diverse needs. In addition, the aesthetic qualities of the furniture and fixtures can enhance the overall experience and appeal of the public space.

At its core, public architecture is about bringing people together. The iF Design Awards recognize the fact that public architecture has the power to inspire, educate, and unite. At its best, it reflects the values and aspirations of a society. It is a legacy for future generations, a reminder of who we are and what we stand for.


Public Design and Interior Design

The category of public design encompasses furniture and furnishing systems in a range of public spaces, including banks, bus stops, health centers, hotels, libraries, lounges, museums, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, shops, canteens, social areas, streets, and wellness areas. Furnishing and functional systems include streetlamps, ATM systems, exhibition systems, outdoor advertising systems, LED screens for events, POS systems, terminals for public spaces, wayfinding and orientation systems.

Public Architecture

Public architecture shapes the way we interact with the built environment. It is about designing spaces and structures – such as government buildings, museums, libraries, civic centers, embassies, police and fire stations, parliaments, town halls, prisons, theatres, concert halls, schools, universities, kindergartens, training centers, conference centers, hospitals, nursing homes, zoos, religious buildings, roads, bridges, parking facilities, airports, bus stations, port facilities, railway stations, and sports facilities – that promote community, inclusion, and cultural expression.

City planning, urban planning, urban development projects, cemeteries, golf clubs, lighting design, outdoor areas, parks, plazas, private gardens, public gardens, streets and more.

Interior Designers, product designers, and architects: take your chance and show us your trends and ideas for the public space and gain global awareness for your achievements in the award category public design now!

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Designs can be submitted in 9 main disciplines with various subcategories and even across disciplines.


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