Creativity, craftsmanship, and symbolism

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The timeless art and craft of watch and jewellery making

Jewelry and watch design stands at the intersection of quality, values, and innovation. They represent a centuries-long history of creativity, craftsmanship, symbolism and self-expression, while trends such as lab diamonds simultaneously promote advanced, technical know-how. Long considered a preserve of traditionalism, modern jewelry design is expected to be brand-focused, digital, and sustainable. The purchase of a valuable piece of jewelry is associated with a calm, upscale atmosphere and the presence of an expert. This is where an iF Design Award can act as an expert seal, especially on digital sales channels, because jewelry is judged not only on its external form but also on function and concept.

Above all, through the Impact factor, the iF DESIGN AWARD rewards longevity and sustainability. Watches and jewelry that have been awarded the iF Design Award evince high-quality workmanship, timeless design and lasting value – pieces that can be enjoyed for generations.


Predominantly small, but very impressive in their design! This is a great pleasure for our expert jury. Take the chance and submit your best designs to the contest, which can look like this:

  • Analog Watches and Mechanical Watches,

  • Digital Watches, Hybrid Watches

  • Solar Watches

  • clocks,

  • alarm clocks,

  • smart watches and wearables

  • accessories and more.

  • Chains, Crowns, Necklaces, Bracelets, Cuff links, Rings, Piercings, Earrings,

Our jurors look forward to your achievements from all over the globe!

Welcome to the iF DESIGN AWARD!

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High-quality workmanship, timeless design and lasting value



Designs can be submitted in 9 main disciplines with various subcategories and even across disciplines.


Owned by the certified non-profit iF DESIGN FOUNDATION, which promotes design and its social value, iF Design is truly independent.

Apply early!

Early Bird – 30 Jun 2023: EUR 250
Regular – 29 Sept 2023: EUR 350
Last Chance – 8 Nov 2023: EUR 450

Time to complete your application until 8 Nov

iF Online Preselection 4-8 December

Receive a detailed iF Jury Feedback Chart

You´re Finalist!

After passing the iF Online Preselection, your entry is evaluated by the iF Final Jury in Berlin 20-22 Feb 2024

Chance to modify application before Final Jury

Choose between digital or physical presentation

Receive an updated iF Final Jury Feedback Chart

Winner 🙌

In April 2024, iF Design starts a global winners campaign

Entry featured online and in the iF Design App

Unlimited access to iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 Logo

Receive points for the global iF Ranking

Invitation to the iF DESIGN AWARD NIGHT 2024 in Berlin

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