Eckstein Design

Innovation, precision, responsibility, authenticity and a passion for design – this is Eckstein Design. For us, these are more than buzzwords, they‘re words to live by: passionately, every day, all the time. We are personally committed to the highest ethical standards and bring this dedication to our work. Every product we design must be authentic, with visible symbols and signals. With daily use over time, these products not only prove their credibility, they also provide valuable orientation. We see ourselves as generators of ideas, and apply our extensive vision and sensitivity to integrate worldwide trends in color technology, ergonomics, materials science and innovative manufacturing technology to the development of our concepts for the future. Our products don‘t follow the trends, they set them. Good design is in the details. We dedicate ourselves with precision and sensitivity to even the smallest detail – bringing out a distinctive quality in our products. It goes without saying that you can expect this level of attention from our individualized and refined communication design as well. We see it as our responsibility to create results with a long-lasting esthetic and function. We design products, systems and communication that will continue to win over both you and your clients. In order to achieve this timelessness, we strive for continuous harmony between design, esthetic and function. Every single design element has a purpose. Our products deliver their promises. We call this authenticity.


  • Product Design
  • Industry / Building Technology


Eckstein Design
Theo-Prosel-Weg 14
80797 München

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