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The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world - with almost 11,000 entries from 56 countries in 2023!

Owned by the certified non-profit iF Design Foundation, which promotes design and its social significance in the world, the iF DESIGN AWARD is truly independent. And we are beyond proud of our professional jury, who works based on objective screening standards – for a fair process for all participants.

To convince the internationally renowned design experts, your design has to pass a tough two-stage selection process. Plus, a steadily increasing number of participants select their submissions more carefully and with high quality every year. To finally be awarded an iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 is a real challenge and requires a high level of design skills.

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iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 - Overview

Overview iF Design Award 2024


There is a discipline and category for every design – yours too.
If you can’t find one that fits, contact award@ifdesign.com– we’re here to help!

1.01 Automobiles / Vehicles

Cars, accessories and components (wheels, steering wheels, engine compartments, instruments, controls, lighting), agricultural vehicles / machines, airplanes, drones and multicopters, buses, car entertainment systems, caravans, commercial vehicles, cranes and lifting gear, interior and exterior design, industrial trucks, motorcycles / scooters, navigation devices, products for aviation, rail vehicles, ships / boats / yachts, special vehicles, trailers, and more.

1.02 Sports / Outdoor

Sports / sports equipment / sportswear, fitness and activity trackers, camping / camping equipment, GPS devices, solar chargers, outdoor products, hiking gear, and more.

1.03 Bicycles

Trekking-, Touring- & Urban Bikes, Folding Bikes, Cargo Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Race Bikes, Gravel Bikes, Children's Bikes, Special Bikes, Bike Helmets, Bike Computers, Bike Lighting, Bike Clothing, Bike Components and Accessories.

1.04 Leisure

Fashion and clothing, bags, luggage, musical instruments, pet products, eyeglasses and more.

1.05 Musical Instruments

String instruments, keyboards, wind instruments, drums, percussion, studio & stage equipment, home recording and streaming.

1.06 Babies / Kids

All products for babies and kids such as diaper bags, clothing, lifestyle accessories for children and babies, playground equipment, kitchen aids, toys, school essentials, teaching supplies and more.

1.07 Watches / Jewelry

Watches, clocks, alarm clocks, smart watches, accessories and more.

1.08 Audio

Audio recorders, audio players, headphones, hi-fi devices, loudspeakers, mobile loudspeakers, PC speakers, MP3 players, radios, studio equipment, accessories and more.

1.09 TV / Cameras

Cameras, media players, DVD and Blu Ray devices, televisions, photo frames, presentation equipment, projectors, set-top boxes, recorders, remote controls, surveillance cameras and technologies, and more.

1.10 Telecommunication

Cell phones, DECT devices, batteries, charging devices, headsets, telephones, telephone systems, networking technology, portable printer, routers, 2-way radios, VOIP devices, audio / video devices for conferences, accessories and more.

1.11 Computer

Notebooks, PDAs, tablets, accessories, batteries, casings, charging devices, power banks, computers, computer loudspeaker systems, copiers, e-readers, in- and output devices, keyboards and mice, monitors, peripherals, printers, scanners, servers, storage devices, robots and more.

1.12 Gaming / VR / AR

Gaming input devices: gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gamepads, gaming controllers, gaming monitors, gaming PCs, gaming consoles, gaming phone, gaming AIOs, gaming tablets, gaming notebooks, gaming laptops, gaming chassis and more. 

1.13 Office

Conference furniture, filing systems, office accessories, office fittings, office furniture, plugs, reception areas, writing implements and pens (analog and digital), and more.

1.14 Lighting

Lighting systems, accessories, flashlights, lamps, lights, safety lights, workplace lighting and more.

1.15 Home Furniture / Decoration

Living room and bedroom furniture, accessories, fixtures and fittings, mirrors, wall clocks, home decoration and accessories, stoves and pellet stoves, and more.

1.16 Kitchen

Coffee machines, cooker hoods, dishwashers, fixtures and fittings, hobs and ovens, kitchen appliances (mixers, juicers, egg cookers etc.), kitchen furniture and technology, kitchen systems, microwaves, refrigerators and freezers, water purifier, water dispenser, sinks and more.

1.17 Household / Tableware

Cookware and tableware, cutlery, glassware and ceramics, household utensils (trashcans, mops etc.), vacuum cleaners, devices for disinfection of everyday objects, ironing and pressing equipment, ventilators, table air purifiers, washing machines, dryers and more.

1.18 Bathroom

Bath furniture, bath and sanitary wares, bath and wellness areas, control elements and systems, fixtures and fittings, saunas, whirlpools and more.

1.19 Garden

Gardening tools, garden furniture, barbecues, sunshades, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, outdoor fireplaces, garden tables and chairs, pressure washers and more.

1.20 Building Technology

Air conditioning, floor stand air purifiers, balconies, conservatories, doors, fittings and systems, garages, gates, switches, door handles, heating technology, plumbing technology, marquees, railings, roofs, security technology, solar systems, smart home products, temperature control technology, windows and more.

1.21 Public / Retail

Furniture and furnishing systems (for banks, bus stops, health, hotels, libraries, lounges, museums, parks, playgrounds, public spaces, restaurants, shops, staff canteens, social areas, street furniture, wellness etc.), street lamps, ATM systems and banking machines, exhibition systems, outdoor advertising systems, LED screens for events, retail interiors, shop systems / POS systems, terminals for public spaces / info systems / wayfinding and orientation systems, and more.

1.22 Medicine / Health

Assisted living products, assisted living technology, clinical and laboratory equipment, hospital, medical / healthcare devices and equipment, rehabilitation and more.

1.23 Beauty / Care

Skincare products, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hairdryers, shavers, massage devices, sex toys and more.

1.24 Industry / Tools

Conveyor technology, hoisting technology, industrial scanners, logistic systems, machines, materials handling, measuring and testing technologies and laboratory technology, production engineering, robotic technology, systems engineering, tools, components and more.

1.25 Textiles / Wall / Floor

Carpets, curtains, floorings, paints / coatings, materials with innovative properties, smart materials, tiles, upholstery textiles, veneers, wall covering, wallpaper and more.

2.01 Beverages

All types of packaging for beverages.

2.02 Food

All types of packaging for food and pet food.

2.03 Beauty / Health

All types of packaging for perfume, care products, cosmetics, hygiene products, pharmacy products and more.

2.04 Medicine / Pharmaceutics

All types of packaging for medicine, natural remedies and medical products, and more.

2.05 Household

Packaging for all types of cleaning products, household products and more.

2.06 Consumer Products

All types of packaging for products such as jewelry, watches, clothes and accessories, sports articles, toys, music, games and videos, headphones, MP3 players, computers and accessories, cameras and accessories, mobile technology devices and accessories, kitchen appliances and more.

2.07 Industry / B2B

All types of packaging for industrial and business-to-business products.

2.08 Non-branded Packaging

Non-branded packaging with a focus on ergonomics and functionality.

3.01 Product and Service Branding

Branding of specific products or services consisting of multiple elements of the brand like logos, sounds, colors, wording, slogans, website, POS including events which focus on building a product or service brand.

3.02 Company Branding

Branding focused on whole companies consisting of multiple elements like: coporate fashion, company logos, stationary, signage, colors & materials including events which focus on building a company brand.

3.03 Public Branding

Branding of museums, cities, regions, countries, institutions, foundations, NGOs, public organizations including events which focus on building a public brand.

3.04 Employer Branding

Measures and media to increase the attractiveness of employers in regard to their employees including events which focus on employer branding.

3.05 Sound Branding

Sound Logos, Corporate Voices, Corporate Anthems, Brand Songs, Jingles, Sound Scapes, Product , Usage Sounds and more.

3.06 Websites

Blogs, brand sites, corporate websites, e-Commerce, landing pages, microsites, online shops, promotional sites, public websites, service websites, social media, web TV and more.

3.07 Publications

Digital or print publications such as books, calendars, catalogs, coffee table books, comics, illustrations, magazines, newspapers and more.

3.08 Apps / Software

Business application software, city guides, games, informational software, mobile and stationary application software, online and offline applications, shopping applications, social media and more.

3.09 Campaigns / Advertising

Print or digital individual ads or entire campaigns including banners, direct marketing materials, mailings, newsletters, posters, product and advertising brochures, POS advertising, content marketing, out-of-home advertising and more.

3.10 Film / Video

Commercials, corporate films, ads, image videos, video podcasts and more.

3.11 Typography / Signage

Pictograms, logos, signets, signage, symbols, typography, wayfinding and orientation systems, and more.

4.01 Trade Fairs / Exhibitions

Exhibition and trade fair architecture as an element of brand communication.

4.02 Cultural Exhibitions

Exhibition architecture in public institutions such as museums.

4.03 Shops / Showroom Interiors

Retail architecture as an element of brand communication including sales centers.

4.04 Hospitality Interiors

Bars, bed & breakfasts, cafés, casinos, hotels, lounges, restaurants, spas and recreational areas, staff canteens and more.

4.05 Residential Interiors

Residential homes, apartments, bedrooms, dressing rooms, kitchens, living rooms, nurseries and more.

4.06 Office Interiors

Administration buildings, banks and financial institutions, doctors’ offices, insurance companies, law practices, office buildings, production facilities and more.

4.07 Public Interiors

Administration buildings, clinics, colleges, kindergartens, libraries, museums, schools, universities and more.

4.08 Installations

Installations in public spaces (digital, interactive, brick-and-mortar, etc.) in exhibitions, on sales floors, in shopping malls, at trade fairs, in museums, in urban or outdoor areas and more.

Experimental and conceptual designs, commissioned works that have not yet been published, studies and research projects, innovative design concepts whose implementation is not planned or expected before 2025, in the following categories:

5.01 Product Concepts

5.02 Communication Concepts

5.03 Packaging Concepts

5.04 Interior Architecture Concepts

5.05 Service Design Concepts

5.06 Architecture Concepts

5.07 User Experience Concepts

5.08 User Interface Concepts

Projects that optimize a service for customers or users. The aim is to improve service in different levels and with different tools. A project can be an improvement of an existing service or a creation of a new service.

Entries must explain the design challenge, the solution process and the result including the bundle of measures and the kind of service design methods used to solve the problem. The presentation must show the elements of the solution (for example app, events, graphics, packaging, product) and the role these elements play in the service design process.

The main difference between service design and product design is that service design is not only the design of a physical product. A product can be only a part of a whole service design process.

6.01 Healthcare / Wellness

6.02 Transportation / Logistics

6.03 Financial Services / Insurance

6.04 Retail / Sales

6.05 Culture / Tourism

6.06 Education / Learning

6.07 Government / Institutions

6.08 Social Behavior / Responsibility

6.09 Industry Productivity / Maintenance Systems

7.01 Public Architecture

Civic centers, community buildings, institutional buildings, governmental buildings, cultural buildings, embassies, monuments, police & fire stations, parliaments, town halls, prisons, museums, theatres & opera houses, libraries, concert halls, schools, universities, kindergartens, training centers, conference centers, hospitals, nursing homes, zoos, religious buildings, infrastructure, roads, bridges, parking facilities, airports, bus stations, port facilities, railway stations, sports facilities, stadiums, arenas and more.

7.02 Residential Architecture

Apartment buildings, country houses, coastal houses, estates, mansions, multi-unit housing, multiple housing, private houses, single housing, social housing, student housing and more.

7.03 Office / Industry Architecture

Administrative buildings, banks and financial institutions, corporate headquarters, estates, factories, farm buildings, office buildings, production facilities and more.

7.04 Retail / Hospitality Architecture

Amusement parks, chain stores, cinemas, concept stores, department stores, galleries, hostels, hotels, malls, nightclubs, outlet centers, recreation centers, resorts, restaurants, tourist attractions, pubs & bars, shops, shopping centers, wineries and more.

7.05 Urban / Landscape Architecture

City planning, urban planning, urban development projects, cemeteries, golf clubs, lighting design, outdoor areas, parks, plazas, private gardens, public gardens, streets and more.

7.06 Mixed Use Architecture

Buildings combining different kinds of usage scenarios.

Projects that focus on designing the experience of users when using products, communication design, packaging, interiors & architecture as well as projects that use a mix from all of the above. Entries should focus on optimizing the feelings and the experiences the users have while interacting with the project.

Reminder: User experience design is not the design of an interface. Interfaces are often an important part of an experience, but if your project focuses on the creation of the user interface, please register in the discipline "User Interface".

8.01 Product UX

8.02 Communication UX

8.03 Packaging UX

8.04 Interior & Architecture UX

8.05 Mixed Media UX

9.01 Product Interfaces

Digital interfaces for physical objects. To put it simple: everything that happens on the screen of a product.

9.02 Interfaces for Digital Media

Interfaces for non-physical entries. For example: websites, apps and software.


1. Registration Fee

Early bird until 30 June 2023: EUR 250
Regular until 29 September 2023: EUR 350
Last chance until 8 November 2023: EUR 450

  • Evaluation of your entry in the iF Online Preselection

  • You receive a detailed iF Jury Feedback Chart

2. Jury Fee (Finalist)

Jury fee: EUR 300

  • Your entry evaluated by the iF Final Jury

  • Chance to modify your description or presentation before the final jury

  • You choose between digital or physical presentation to the jury

  • You receive an updated iF Final Jury Feedback Chart

3. Winners Fee

Product Design and Packaging: EUR 3,000
For all other disciplines: EUR 2,500

  • You receive unlimited access to the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 Logo

  • Your entry is featured on the iF Design Website

  • You receive points for the global iF Design Ranking

  • You're invited to the iF DESIGN AWARD NIGHT 2024



iF Jury Scorecard with the five evaluation criteria idea, form, function, differentiation, impact

The iF DESIGN AWARD Jury evaluates all entries using five updated criteria (Idea, Form, Function, Differentiation, Impact) developed together with a team of international design experts. Based on these criteria, the jurors will award points to each entry and provide each participant with detailed and informative feedback.

How will jurors use the criteria to judge the entries?

Task: Does the design achieve what it sets out to do?
Relevance: Is the design relevant?
Fit for purpose: Is the idea appropriate?

Emotional appeal: Does the design engage the target group?
Execution: How is it made?
Aesthetics: Why does it look the way it does?

Usability: Is it easy to use?
Efficiency: Does it work well?
User Benefit: Does it serve the user?

Innovation: Is it new?
Brand Differentiation: Does it fit to the brand?

Effect: Have the goals been reached?
Social Benefit: Does it benefit society?
Sustainability: Is it sustainable?

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