iF Design Trend Report 2024

Learn about global and interdisciplinary design trends and their significance for the future.

iF Design Trend Report 2024

It's not news that we live in an era of unprecedented change and transformation. Yet at a time when the worlds of business, creativity, technology, nature and policy are all converging, we must ask - what is the role of design in shaping our future?

For the third year running, iF collaborated with The Future:Project to create the 2024 iF Design Trend Report. Offering a holistic view of cross-disciplinary design trends, we then place them in relation to key technological and social trends. For each observed trend, we have included products, projects and services that exemplify strategies and solutions that are central to today's challenges. This interdisciplinary approach enables designers and industry experts to quickly transfer knowledge and seeks to offer a diverse and comprehensive perspective on the global design landscape.

This year’s iF Design Trend Report focuses on the six major transformations in our society:

From performance-oriented society to conscious economy. Workers’ changing needs and the rise of new AI technologies influence the future of work. Designers have the chance to shape this new economy in order to make it more creative, healthy, sustainable and collaborative.

Digitalization is undergoing an evolution from disruptive euphoria to “tamed” human digitality. Artificial intelligence and the efforts to build a cyber-resilience form the pillars for a balanced use of the potentials of digital systems in a hyper-networked society.

In an increasingly fragmented and polarized society, the core challenge for the future is strengthening togetherness. The “co-” principle is becoming a strategy for the future, paving the path for a progressive culture of “us”. Design represents a powerful force for transforming today’s polarized society into a Co-Society, and it can be used as a key technique to foster new forms of solidarity by drawing on the different perspectives of all stakeholders.

The Mindshift Revolution is changing the relationship between identity and society, reclassifying power dynamics and transforming values, norms and worldviews. This fascinating transformation is giving rise to the next, socially conscientious zeitgeist.

Reintegrating “local” into “global” opens up new opportunities. Multinational corporations combine local knowledge with global expertise and address planetary challenges with regional solutions. Glocalization is crucial in designing spaces, products, and services, integrating local techniques in architecture and drawing inspiration from cultural heritage in fashion. In UX and interface design, adaptation to diverse systems and frameworks is essential.

The global transformation to a holistic eco-systematic society goes hand-in-hand with the restructuring of infrastructures, production systems and cultural techniques. And to ensure future-proofness and quality of life in times of climate change, decarbonization, climate adaptation and regeneration will be the three guiding principles of design.

Here's what you'll find inside in the iF Design Trend Report:

  • Focus on six important transformations and their influence on design

  • Challenges and Solutions for designer and companies

  • Interviews and Insights from international design experts

  • Statistics and international Best-Practice-Examples of products, projects and services

iF Design Trend Report 2024

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iF Design Trend Report 2024

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