A leader in the global ICT industry, MiTAC International Corp. was founded in 1982 and began operations in the Hsinchu Science Park (HCSP), Taiwan; the first system manufacturer in HCSP. In 1990, MiTAC was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE: 2315).    Over the past thirty years, MiTAC has evolved into a multinational organisation offering R&D, design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing and solution services, covering the full range of electronics manufacturing services (EMS); joint development management and manufacture (JDM), original design manufacture (ODM), original equipment manufacture (OEM) and original product manufacture (OPM). With its global brands including Mio, Magellan, Navman, and TYAN, MiTAC also distributes GPS and server products worldwide. To meet the demands of the ‘cloud’, MiTAC has developed a comprehensive range of cloud computing products, with a focus on enterprise products, terminal products and smart handheld devices. With its rich experience in global operations, MiTAC listens to consumer needs and analyzes industrial trends; with the capacity to provide customers a multifaceted integrated service and organizational flexibility, MiTAC provides customers and markets with the most appropriate electronics products and services.