Liz Premium
Liz Premium


Liz Premium

Brand, bottle and spout

The agency had been briefed from Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co. KG to create a local premium mineral water brand which should be a domestic alternative to international gourmet waters. Thus we created a name, a brand and a product design. Both, logo and trade dress emphasize the quality of the water which is perfect to accompany fine food and wine. An innovative bottle spout consequently continues the concept. Even the opened “Liz Premium” decanter gives an impression of high quality and differentiates the water from other products in this category. Its design combines timeless elegance and clarity.

Client / Manufacturer

Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co. KG

Bad Vilbel, DE

das markenhaus* GmbH & Co. KG

Offenbach, DE