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Maringá FC

Rebranding and Corporate Identity

Maringá Futebol Clube has represented soccer in the city of Maringá since 2010 and currently plays in the 1st division of the State League and the 4th division of the National League. The rebranding of the club began with the newly elected club board, which operated in a more transparent and innovative manner. One of the main objectives was for the club to have its own identity and history: in the first eight years, the club changed its crest 4 times. In only six months, the results included 50% more sales of jerseys, 450% new official supporters, officially licensed products that increased the brand value and spontaneous press media estimated at almost US $50,000 in value.

Client / Manufacturer

Maringa Futebol Clube

Maringa, BR


Maringá, BR
Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
South America
Target Groups
Consumer / User