“To Love” Chocolate
“To Love” Chocolate
“To Love” Chocolate
“To Love” Chocolate


“To Love” Chocolate

Chocolate packaging

DynaComware Taiwan Inc.

The written word has long been with us, but today people are infatuated with images and symbols. As words have been overshadowed, so too has DynaFont, the leading font brand in Taiwan with 30 years of history. So DynaFont decided to shine a spotlight on the irresistible power and passion words still possess. The company created a new font based on handwritten love letters, called “To Love.” On the eve of Chinese Lovers’ Day, DynaFont debuted chocolate blocks of the “To Love” typeface, which people could use to form love letters of their own. The initiative awakened people to the power of words, and the presence of DynaFont.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Specific country/region: Taiwan
Target Groups
Consumer / User