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Blending innovation with musical tradition

Recording equipment and musical instruments are designed to capture and reproduce sound in the most authentic way possible. Materials and forms are meticulously selected to achieve specific tonal qualities, while features like pickups, microphones, and signal processors allow for manipulation and enhancement of the sound.

Whether in designing a loudspeaker, a drum kit, amplifier, keyboard or mixing console, this field entails a process of matching advancements in technology with the time-tested skills and preferences of musicians, recording professionals and audiophiles. An iF DESIGN AWARD honors those designers who have successfully blended innovation with a deep respect for musical tradition and expertise.


Product Design

Audio / Musical Instruments

Become part of the iF Design orchestra and submit your innovations from the categories Audio and Musical Instruments to the iF DESIGN AWARD with products like:

Conference Audio systems, soundbars, audio recorders, car speaker, amplifier, players, headphones, earbuds, hi-fi devices, loudspeakers, turntables, MP3 players, radios, studio & stage equipment, home recording, streaming, and more.

Which brands and creatives have made it into the iF Ranking Audio 2020-2024?

Even special musical instruments are music in the ears of our jurors:

Amps, PAs, Gear, Sequencers, Samplers, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Solid Body Guitars, Hollow Body Guitars, Semi-acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars, Grand Pianos, Organs, Synths, Drum Sets, Snares, HiHats, Cybals, Rides, Drum-Pads, Tom-toms, Bass-Drum, Kick drums. Flutes, Saxophones, Brass, Violins, Cellos, Double basses

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Award-winning high-end Audio Design 2024


Apply now as Early Bird!

  • Participation until 28 June 2024:
    Early Bird Fee EUR 250 (approx. US $267)

  • Detailed information around your entry can be submitted until the portal is closed.

  • Further deadlines are September 27, 2024 for regular and November 6, 2024 for last chance applications.

Jury Process

  • The iF Online Preselection jury happens Dec. 2-5, 2024 after which you will receive a personalized detailed iF Jury Feedback Chart.

  • Any entries that pass the iF Online Preselection get evaluated by the iF Final Jury (Feb. 18-20, 2025)

  • Modify your application based on feedback before the Final Jury. And send a physical or digital presentation of your project for evaluation.

Winner Benefits 🙌

  • From May 2025, be part of the global iF Design Winner Campaign

  • Gain unlimited access to iF DESIGN AWARD 2025 logo

  • Attend the glamorous iF DESIGN AWARD NIGHT 2025 in Berlin!

  • Get featured on, in the Metaverse and in the iF Design App

  • Receive points for the global iF Design Ranking as marketing benefit

iF DESIGN AWARD 2025 - Overview

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