CONVOTHERM Elektrogeräte GmbH

Convotherm – the Original Convotherm Elektrogeräte GmbH has been producing combi steamers for commercial kitchens since 1976 Eglfing. In the beginning there was an idea: chefs in professional kitchens need special equipment! With this in mind, Frank Dittmann and Werner Schwarzbäcker founded the Convotherm company in the German town of Wolfratshausen in 1976 for the purpose of manufacturing combi steamers. These highly-specialized appliances, which combine convection oven with steamer in one unit, can be used to prepare practically any meal quickly while preserving quality.   The founders’ passion and taste for innovation have shaped the company’s history. The company is now based in the Upper Bavarian town of Eglfing, Germany and employs approximately 300 people, producing 250 different models. Chefs from some 100 countries now regard the distinctive red C on the door as a mark of quality.