Grömo – sends rain down the drain! About us With more than 100 years experience in metalworking, Grömo, the specialist for roof drainage and roof and special accessories, has established itself as the market and innovation leader in Germany and Europe. Grömo is a subsidiary of the company group Metallwarenfabrik Marktoberdorf with headquarters in Marktoberdorf in Ostallgäu, South Germany. The GRÖMO brand Cleverer, faster, more attractive. Grömo has succeeded in establishing itself as a premium brand and supplies retailers throughout the whole of Europe. The continuous close dialogue and exchange with customers enables ongoing technical developments which means that Grömo products always meet the special challenges of the building site. Even the smallest details which outsiders may not notice are decisive in the choice of thousands of plumbers, tinsmiths and roofers. This makes everyday life easier, more agreeable and more attractive – like a quick and easy assembly. In the manufacturing of its products, Grömo uses only high quality raw materials from European manufacturers and produces on modern and fully automated production lines. The company guarantees high quality which is ensured by strict product tests: from production and packaging to punctual delivery. Customers benefit from the high degree of availability, fast delivery and short material buying times. Dates and facts Address Grömo GmbH & Co. KG Johann-Georg-Fendt-Straße 38 87616 Marktoberdorf, Germany Tel: +49 8342 912 - 500 Fax: +49 8342 912 - 510   Profile Core business is metalworking specialising in roof drainage and roof and special accessories. The company manufactures connecting elements for gutters and rainwater pipes in all possible metals such as stainless steel, zinc, copper, steel and aluminium according to the current norm DIN-EN 612. Location Company headquarters are in Marktoberdorf in Ostallgäu, South Germany. Employees Grömo employs ca. 75 qualified and highly motivated employees. Products Grömo manufactures and distributes more than 2,000 products ranging from gutter and pipe accessories to roof and special accessories and functional clothing: Made in Germany. Managing directors Johannes Eurisch Günter Weilguni History Master tinsmith Karl Theodor Rösle founded the original company in 1888. After his death in 1907, his sons ,Karl and Georg, took over Gebrüder RÖSLE KG. The current company name Grömo (since 2002) is an acronym for “Gebrüder Rösle Markt Oberdorf“. Company structure Grömo GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of the company group Metallwarenfabrik Marktoberdorf. Also under this company umbrella: Rösle GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality, design orientated, non-electrical kitchen devices out of stainless steel. Both subsidiaries have their headquarters in Marktoberdorf. Environmental protection/sustainability Be green with Grömo! Grömo promotes its sustainability strategy which focuses particularly on efficiency. Take waste disposal, for example: the company has for many years been working with a service provider which organises and coordinates the collection of transport packaging from Grömo customers and then recycles this material in an environmentally friendly way. This successful dual system consistently recycles cardboard packaging, plastics and wood and this, in turn, saves precious valuable raw materials. This measure is only part of the company’s increasingly environmentally friendly orientation – the strategic megatrend of sustainability and its main pillar, ecological sustainability, can be seen in all company areas as a management duty. This starts with an efficient use of materials and in-house electricity generation with photovoltaic installations and goes on to include the planning and realisation of new buildings according to complete energy saving concepts and waste disposal and recycling.