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At KOGA we build the best and most beautiful bicycles for the cycling aficionado. Our roots lie in the development of racing bikes. This was the basis for continuous development - with the best performance always as the goal. Whether you need a reliable companion for your trip around the world, or a high performance bike to win competitions, or just a fantastic bike for the daily commute to work: No matter what you wish for - we are building bicycles especially for you! We are excited to share with you and the teams that we sponsor our genuine passion for cycling and the sport in general. The KOGA employees eat, drink and sleep for cycling. During the day we work passionately on the development and manufacture of the most beautiful and best performing bikes. But even in our free time the theme of cycling does not leave us. Whether we are tinkering in the garage with our bikes, searching the internet for new innovations, following thrilling races on television or - preferably as often as possible, outside for long hours on challenging and fulfilling rides With KOGA the bike is always the focal point. Sometimes this is to the puzzlement and frustration of the outside world, but with a bicycle life can never be boring! Be it as a product, a hobby or sport. The best invention of all time can always be improved.

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Passion for cycling

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KOGA (Accell Nederland B.V.)
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