.PSLAB are designers and manufacturers of site-specific lighting products. Our work is featured in private homes in London, conceptual boutiques in Antwerp, hotels in Paris, restaurants in Beirut, art galleries in Berlin and at events and public spaces worldwide. Founded in 2004, we have today over 100 team members working out of four city bases in Europe and the Middle East, with offices in Beirut and Stuttgart and partners in London and Scandinavia. Our team is constituted of people with different backgrounds from artisans, architects, technicians, communicators, engineers and designers. On each project our creative and technical teams work together on every aspect of product development, from concept to construction. We design our own .PSLAB branded products and manufacture them in our own workshop grouping our very own team of artisans. The products conceived are the result of an ongoing collaboration and open dialogue with the client. Products are specific to the space and grow out of the unique environments and constraints that we encounter on each project and are in harmony with the overall concept of the space. They are manufactured by us in our own workshop. We also have a library of our completed products that we have built up for over six years and that constitute the internal ingredients we use and at the basis of our creativity.


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Mr Ramzi Haddad
P.O.Box 175636 Mar Mekhael
11 04 20 60 Beirut

Phone +961 1 44 25 46