STI Group

STI Group’s major customers include around half of the world’s premier FMCG manufacturers, leading industrial goods manufacturing companies and trading groups. This makes the STI Group the leading European display manufacturer and places it among the top European packaging companies. The STI Group operates 14 production sites in Germany, Australia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and UK and has achieved a turnover of € 320 mill. in 2011. STI Group provides innovative solutions for a professional packaging process and an attractive product presentation at the Point of Sale. This the STI Group makes a significant contribution to the successful product marketing of its customers. Alongside the two product areas of packaging and display, services are to be further expanded thus giving lasting emphasis to the claim to be a leader in ompetence. In the future, the STI Group aims to position itself more strongly than in the past as a system provider for its customers and to contribute to the successful management of a part of their value added chain.


STI Group
36341 Lauterbach

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