Alexander Felsenberg

dmmv Germany


Alexander Felsenberg, Germany, was born in 1964 in Weipert/CSSR. As of August 1968, he has lived in Germany. A professional cameraman, he studied communication sciences in Munich. He has worked as a product manager, director, editor and author. As of 1990: initially employed by Pütz und Partner GmbH, thereafter freelance director and producer. As of 1993: establishes the multi media division at MEDOX Medien GmbH; as of 1994: visiting lecturer at Baden-Württemberg film academy in Ludwigsburg. As of 1995: a member of the DFG special research area 240 "screen medie" at Siegen university, where he has also held a teaching post since 1996. Numerous publications as well as lecturing and consultancy work in the area of new media. Initiator and executive member of the German Multimedia Association.