Hartmut S. Engel

Designstudio EngelLudwigsburg, Germany


Hartmut S. Engel was born in 1939. Studied electrical engineering and industrial design in Stuttgart, Darmstadt and Pforzheim. Since 1968 with own design studio in Ludwigsburg, dedicated to developing technical and formal innovative problem-solving techniques. Since 1981 studio and place of residence is Schloss Heutingsheim in Freiberg am Neckar. Since 1970 member of the Verband der Deutschen Industrie-Designer- VDID (Assicuatuib if –german Industrial Designers). Member of the VDID Committee from 1974 to 1978. Individual member of the DT- Deutscher Designer- Tag e.V.(Organization of German Designers) and corporate member since 1985. Guest lecturer in industrial design at the Technical College for Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd from 1981 to 1983. After twenty years experience in design and development, particularly in the investment goods sector, I also find technical challenges attractive. From the beginning of my freelance career, I have always placed as much importance on my creative engineering performance when working out design solutions as on the search for unmistakable structured and formal approaches;only in this way is it possible to realize innovative design.

Awards: corporate Design Award, iF Hannover, 1984 for Brendel, Berlin, and for Staff, Lemgo. Corporate Design Award, 1988 for Erfi, Freudenstadt. 1987:1st Prize for Design and Innovation awarded by the State of North Rhine Westphalia for Staff, Lemgo.1 st Office Design Prize Cologne/Milan, 1988 for Erfi, Freudenstadt, and for Staff, Lemgo. ASIS Award/Gold, 1984 for Fröscher Fiytures Furniture, USA.

Additional awards: Design Center Stuttgart, Industrie forum Hannover, Haus Industrieform Essen and International.


Personal statement on design:

“Innovative design becomes an economic success when it succeeds in convincing the user that the `product creators´strive for high aesthetic and cultural quality”.