Kanaé Tsukamoto

Kanae Design LaboKyoto, Japan

Kanae Tsukamoto founded her Kanae Design Labo studio in Tokyo in 1999. Prior to that, the industrial designer had worked for Mitsubishi Electric and the GK Design Office. Kanae, who earned her Master of Arts at the Royal College of Art in London, primarily designs products for the home environment. She has received well-known design awards, including the RSA award in Great Britain, the Life-Scape Award of the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Award and the iF DESIGN AWARD. Kanae has been a member of many different design juries and had worked as an associated professor at the Kyoto Prefectural University. She is currently based in Kyoto and works for mainly her own studio, designing house-hold equipments and re-designing of living in local towns.

(February 2023)