Luisa Bocchietto

ADIMilan, Italy

Architect and designer, Luisa Bocchietto graduated in 1985 in Industrial Design with Marco Zanuso, and, at the same time, in interior architecture at IED in Milan. Since then she works in the field of architecture and design, opening her own firm in Biella and Milan. She cooperates as a tutor and visiting professor with universities and design schools. She wrote books and she speaks in several conferences in Italy and worldwide. Many specialized magazines have published her works.

In 2008 she curated with Anty Pansera the exhibition “D as Design” for the enhancement of women design. The exhibition took place in Turin and Orta (Italy), and Alexandria (Egypt). She edited the book and curated the exhibition of “POP Design” at the Filatoio di Caraglio (CN, Italy).

Next to the professional activity, she has always supported the diffusion of the quality of design. She was President of the Italian Architect Association in Biella and she cooperated with the Architect National Council. From 2003 to 2008 she was President of ADI – Western Delegation (Piedmont e Valle d’Aosta) and was member of the Organizing Committee of Turin World Design Capital. Since 2008, she has been National President of ADI – Italian Association for Industrial Design and is a member of the Italian Design Council, at the Ministry of Cultural Goods and Activities.

January 2013