Lula Capriel

Estudio 89Guatemala City, Guatemala

Lula Capriel is a Industrial designer and marketer with a specialization in Local Development Project Management and a certification in globalization, competitiveness and leadership (Georgetown University, Washington DC). She has participated in multidisciplinary teams as a consultant in design, innovation and entrepreneurship with the government and municipal sector.

As the creative director of studio 89, she focused on generating value proposals, potentials at the human, economic and social level through strategic design and national ally with the Guatemalan National Secretariat for Science and Technology (SENACYT).

She is part of the founding team and advisory committee of the Ibero-American Design Association (Spain) and a nature-focused design teacher for the Isthmus University (Panama). She has a history of workshops, collaborations and conferences given in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, San Salvador, Mexico, USA, Panama, Colombia, Spain and Taiwan.