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iF Design is a proud and active member of the international design community, recognized as a symbol of outstanding design since 1953. Today, the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. More than 11,000 submissions from over 60 countries enter the competition each year with projects ranging from industrial design to architecture, communications to user experience. The independent iF Jury is made up of expert practitioners across design disciplines who come together in a rigorous and transparent process to award only the very best in international design!

Do you have what it takes to win gold? Register and apply for the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024. Participation still available through November 8, 2023.

Karen Korellis Reuther, Harvard University, Boston MA:
The global recognition that accompanies an iF DESIGN AWARD is a signal and a symbol of the power of design, and the important role it plays in delivering new and better solutions across industries, portfolios and brands. iF’s commitment to a robust selection process, a best-in-class jury and a global perspective assures that the winners are at the top of their game.


International attention

For you, your team, your project, your design!

Win Gold and take the stage live before thousands at our international Winners Gala in Berlin.

Through our iF Winners Campaign, we spread the word about you in the press, on social media, at events, and via global design platforms.

Detailed feedback

The iF expert jury awards points to each single entry focusing on five criteria. Visualized detailed on the iF Jury Feedback Chart after the two jury steps.

Your benefit: Compare your success to the average scores of all other submitted entries. After the Online Preselection and updated, of course, after the iF Final Jury.

Easy application

Apply to the iF DESIGN AWARD in less than 5 minutes! Register here and start the application process before the final deadline on November 8th.

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The international iF Team is happy to advise and assist you! Leave your address here and we will contact you asap.

iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 - Overview

Eric Chan, Ecco Design, New York City:
Through a meticulous judging process, the iF DESIGN AWARD succeeds in showcasing an impressive array of design entries from around the globe that highlight boundless creativity, celebrate compelling ingenuity, and leave a resounding global impact."


Apply now as Early Bird!

Participate until June 28, 2024 and safe money!
EUR 250 (approx. US $267)

Get in contact if you need any support. The iF Design team ist happy to assist!

Jury process

The iF Online Preselection jury happens Dec. 2-5, 2024 after which you will receive a personalized detailed iF Jury Feedback Chart.

Any entries that pass the iF Online Preselection get evaluated by the iF Final Jury (Feb. 18-20, 2025)

Modify your application based on feedback before the Final Jury. Decide if you send a physical or digital presentation of your project for evaluation.

Winner Package 🙌

From May 2025, be part of the global iF Design Winner Campaign

Gain unlimited access to iF DESIGN AWARD 2025 logo

Attend the iF DESIGN AWARD NIGHT 2025 in Berlin!

Get featured online, in the Metaverse, and in the iF Daily Design App

Receive points for the global iF Ranking as marketing benefit

Ricardo Gomez, Design Center for Global Needs at Shapira Design Archive, San Francisco, CA:
"Judging is a holistic learning experience. The designs are very inspiring. It's very exciting, as well as engaging to try to put yourself in the position of understanding the benefit and distinct application of the idea."


Students anywhere can submit their ideas. An independent jury honors the best projects with marketing support and EUR 50,000 in prize money.


With two juried competitions hosted each year, socially impactful initiatives are awarded with marketing support and EUR 100,000 in prize money.


Lisa Gralnek
Managing Director