iF Design Marathon
4-12 October 2023

Ready for a week-long trip around the globe?

4 Continents - 20 Countries - 76 Winner Concepts - Discover the best designs of tomorrow!

The third iF Design Marathon showcases all awarded concepts of the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023 - all supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the better in this world.

Discover the most successful world regions with the best design talents!
Understand what topics rub young creative minds all around the world!
Learn of social or economic issues common in certain regions and cultures that young design talents are after to solve!

Marathon means long distance - we will give you a inspiring push: We start in Hannover, Germany, on 4 October and finish with the prize money winners on 12 October! Germany, Europe, North America, Asia, China, Taiwan and a closing with the nine prize money winners on Day 7 - Ready?

Starting shot in Hannover!

What a great opening with so many guests and representatives of media, politics and universities in the creative space AUFHOF in iF headquarter city Hannover. The video of the opening night of the student winner exhibition is the perfect starting signal for the iF Design Marathon 2023! Enjoy!

iF Design Marathon 2023 - Day 1: Winner concepts of the iF Design Student Award 2023 from Germany

Day 1: Germany

Germany ranks high among this year's winners of the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD: A total of 19 student concepts were honored.

Day 2: Europe

Take a look at the different projects from Europe. 17 winners from a total of 7 countries!

Day 3: North America and South America

5 Award-winning student concepts from North America and South America

Day 4: Asia

Explore the 10 awarded student concepts from Asia that convinced the jurors!

Day 5: China

The second most represented country among the winners is China - discover the 18 concepts!

Day 6: Taiwan

Find out what the 7 winning concepts from Taiwan are all about. What problems do they solve and how?

Day 7: Best of the Year

Last but not least: Here are the 9 prize money winners! Discover the "Best of the Year" concepts and see what impressed the jury the most!


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