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Smart Building Technology

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is bringing connectivity, data and user interfaces into the home and workplace: for greater efficiency, safety, and comfort for occupants.Reading Time: 4 min | Sep 2022

Emoji: A brief history of ✨🎨📱🙌

How design helped written communication move beyond just wordsReading Time: 4 min | Sep 2022

7 ways to surround yourself with great design on a budget

Let’s be honest: great design has its price. But if you are doing it right, you can afford buying designer goods in some way.Reading Time: 4 min | Aug 2022

Interview with Life Innovation Design Center of LG Electronics: Innovation for a Better Life

"LG is a life brand that focuses on the lifestyles of our customers. We pursue innovation that enriches customers lives and values people."Reading Time: 13 min | Aug 2022

New Work and the European transformation

Can a 40-year-old idea from the US rustbelt help the European economy transform itself – while giving workers ‘what we really really want’?Reading Time: 7 min | Aug 2022

"Focus on longevity" - Efrat Friedland on material innovations and sustainable design

How can the choice of materials affect a product’s ecological footprint and impact? Material consultant Efrat Friedland has advised customers in a range of industries on over 100 projects. Now she urges companies and designers to make bold choices when selecting materials.Reading Time: 5 min | Aug 2022

5 material revolutions that changed design - and the world

When new materials are discovered or invented, it often has profound effects on the economy and everyday lives. Sometimes it even leads to a fundamental shift in our societies.Reading Time: 3 min | Aug 2022

Augmented Reality: What happens when design alters the way we interact with the real world?

When design and technology meet, who does what? As our realities becoming increasingly digital, what role is left for design?Reading Time: 3 min | Jul 2022

Interview with GROHE’S Patrick Speck – about sponsoring young design talent at iF

Reading Time: 5 min | Jun 2022


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