The designers and manufacturers of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD have a sharp eye for putting the user first. Their human-centered designs solve real-world problems for people.



Meet the people behind the designs and learn their stories.


W-W-Worldtrip - Discover These 10 Beautiful Websites from Around the Globe 🌍

Come join me on a journey around the world. A journey without a proof of vaccination, negative test or a boarding pass. We will be travelling through the lands of WWW. Our main attractions will be the beautiful websites that have been awarded by the iF Design Awards. 🛩Reading Time: 5 min | Dec 2021
Design Special

Urban Cycling for a better Quality of Life

"Social and sustainable city = bicycle-friendly city" – planners and architects often draw on this formula when involved in urban planning in order to afford cities with a better quality of life.Reading Time: 5 min | Nov 2021

Why the new iF jury feedback means more than "Yes" or "No" for participants

What are the challenges when trying to measure design? We spoke with Darragh Murphy, data specialist and co-creator of our new jury feedback poster – a tool to raise the international standards of design.Reading Time: 3 min | Nov 2021

"Designing Design Education" - iF Design Foundation Publishes Whitebook on the Future of Design Education

Reading Time: 5 min | Nov 2021
Design Special

Service Design Special: Creating Experiences

Bigger parts of the western world live a life of abundance: Too much information, too many ideas, concepts, opportunities and offerings. What to do? What to believe? What to eat, to buy and not to buy?Reading Time: 10 min | Nov 2021

GROHE sponsors Young Design Talents at iF - Interview with Patrick Speck

Reading Time: 5 min | Nov 2021
Winner Success Stories

EcoFábrica Criativa Santos – Making hand-crafted Furniture From Recycled Wood

This supported by iF project embodies sustainable consumption and helps socially vulnerable groups since 2016. The initiators from Brazil are planning a very special exhibition.Reading Time: 2 min | Nov 2021

Michele De Lucchi: "Technology is nowadays an opportunity"

Designer and architect Michele De Lucchi on AMDL CIRCLE's projects, the young design generation and the 40th anniversary of the postmodern design collective Memphis Group.Reading Time: 8 min | Nov 2021
Design Icons

Designing Bauhaus Icons - Industrial Design Pioneer Wilhelm Wagenfeld and iF

Reading Time: 5 min | Nov 2021


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