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THE Design Icon turns 90 today. Happy Birthday, Dieter Rams!



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10 principles for Good Design - by Dieter Rams

Reading Time: 2 min | May 2022

Insight into the work of the iF Jury 2022

What does it take to be part of the iF Jury? What to expect as a jury member? Get a sneak peek into the work of the exceptional design professionals at the final round of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 in Berlin!Reading Time: 5 min | Apr 2022
Design Icons

Obituary for Prof. Peter Raacke

R.I.P. Prof. Peter Raacke (*27.09.1928 †20.03.2022)Reading Time: 2 min | Mar 2022

With "a perfect sense of reality." Insights into the famous Vista Alegre porcelain and glass manufactory.

iF spoke with Senior Designer and Creative Director Alda Tomás on the responsibility of the brand for creating artistic and tailor made products and its ability almost to innovate and compete in new fields of the Portuguese and international market. Reading Time: 5 min | Jan 2022
Winner Success Stories

Safari Doctors - Securing Healthcare for Marginalized Communities in Remote Areas

This project supported by iF is a prime example of promoting health and well-being in marginalized communities. In 2019, Safari Doctors was honored with the iF Social Impact Prize.Reading Time: 5 min | Jan 2022

Diogo Gama Rocha: "Simplicity and discretion are the finest characteristics of elegance."

Portuguese designer and founder Diogo Gama Rocha on success, perfection and his philosophy of life.Reading Time: 8 min | Jan 2022

W-W-Worldtrip - Discover These 10 Beautiful Websites from Around the Globe 🌍

Come join me on a journey around the world. A journey without a proof of vaccination, negative test or a boarding pass. We will be travelling through the lands of WWW. Our main attractions will be the beautiful websites that have been awarded by the iF Design Awards. 🛩Reading Time: 5 min | Dec 2021

Why the new iF jury feedback means more than "Yes" or "No" for participants

What are the challenges when trying to measure design? We spoke with Darragh Murphy, data specialist and co-creator of our new jury feedback poster – a tool to raise the international standards of design.Reading Time: 3 min | Nov 2021
Design Special

Service Design Special: Creating Experiences

Bigger parts of the western world live a life of abundance: Too much information, too many ideas, concepts, opportunities and offerings. What to do? What to believe? What to eat, to buy and not to buy?Reading Time: 10 min | Nov 2021


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