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8 Classic German Designs

When you think of German design, what comes to mind? Here are eight classic German designs from the archives of iF DESIGN AWARD WINNERS that we couldn't do without.

The Jockey: Hipster parents' favorite child seat

In Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg, you will likely see more of these seats than cars! Since 1981, Britax-Römer has been producing the Jockey. Designed by BUSSE Design & Engineering, the seat is safe and durable: typically German?

The nowhere bike

This is not the only indoor bike trainer in the world, but in 1982, this design by Lotsch + Partner won an iF DESIGN AWARD.

The most successful shopping cart in the world

Wanzl has been designing and building shopping carts since 1951, and today the company is the largest producer of luggage trolleys and shopping carts in the world.

What would you do without adhesive tape?

In German, the word 'Tesa' is synonymous with transparent adhesive tape, similar to Scotch tape in America. That's a big deal in itself, but there's more: in 1998, two German researchers discovered that standard adhesive tape (tesa film) is an excellent medium for storing data, which can be burned into the surface with lasers.

Bosch angle grinder

If you own a boat or a house or a car that is not brand new, chances are you have an angle grinder by Bosch. This one was awarded an iF DESIGN AWARD in 1970.

A lumberjack's best friend

Did you know that the chainsaw was a German design and invention? The companies Stihl and Dolmar both began producing gasoline-powered chainsaws in the late 1920s. This design, again by BUSSE, won an iF DESIGN AWARD in 1977.

Electric hand-held drill

Truly a homeowner's best friend, this drill by Fein won an iF DESIGN AWARD in 1977

The Fischer Wall Plug

For generations, these wall plugs, or dübel as they are known in German, have supported shelves, held up mirrors, and countless other tasks in apartments around the world. Three cheers to Arthur Fischer and his invention, which won the iF DESIGN AWARD in 1972.


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