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W-W-Worldtrip - Discover These 10 Beautiful Websites from Around the Globe 🌍

Come join me on a journey around the world. A journey without a proof of vaccination, negative test or a boarding pass. We will be travelling through the lands of WWW. Our main attractions will be the beautiful websites that have been awarded by the iF Design Awards. 🛩

As our plane reaches cruising altitude, let’s catch a quick glimpse of beautiful Göttingen and its just as beautifully designed website by Sartorius. An internationally respected partner of the biopharma industry, Sartorius introduces itself as clear and well-structured.

Several agencies worked together to create a result which serves as a customer and employee portal, whilst also offering neatly arranged B2B shopping options. An announcement from the pilot’s cockpit lets us know that we will soon be arriving at our destination - España!

¡Hola! ¿Tired from your flight? Fortunately, the hotel has already prepared a lovely (mc)bath for you. Whilst refurnishing their website with a new brand identity and making customer experience a priority, mcbath also knows how to use their customer’s feedback to grow and improve as a company. Part of this process involves elevating their durable and environmentally friendly products with strong statements mixed with striking animations and scenes of nature. Mcbath shows us, that #LeadingTheWay is possible in every industry and with this topic I think it’s time for me to lead the way to our gate, as Italy is awaiting us. 🍕

La luce è la cosa più veloce conosciuta nell’universo. (Light is the fastest known thing in the universe). Welcome to the land of sun and light! Artemide has been producing iconic lamps for decades. Their newly designed website offers a clear structure with big visuals of their complete product line-up.

A marvellous idea rewarded with a well-deserved gold award! But, oh — the crew is dimming the cabin lights — and our plane is following the sun towards the
alps. 🏔 🛫

Fitbit, Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch — the combination of sports and technology is nothing new anymore. Sansirro’s newly created brand Qus however is an absolute trailblazer, supported by their engaging website.

Easy-to-use, endless scrolling and parallax effects — you simply cannot get enough from this cool, luxurious feel of the site. However, it's departure time! Bussi baba! 🛫 

Switzerland’s landscape is known to be of timeless beauty; presumably a reason why products of this country always radiate a sense of high quality. Just like creating time®’s IT-website by UMB.

Business offers — such as consulting, cloud and digital transformation — are captured graphically with high-contrast colours for a unique user-experience. Although it’s hard to leave this pretty sight, our train is about to depart. 🍕 🚞

In the arrival area of our next airport, you spot a sign which states „Добро пожаловать в Россию“ (Welcome to Russia). But wait, have we landed in a completely different universe?!

The band Aquarium’s website draws us into a crazy new world, in which automatically generated scenes, sounds and effects float around. They tell a story of the artists’ career. ‚Trippy‘ is a good word to sum up the experience and feel of the website. But wait, suddenly the page is down? Might Putin be behind this? Seems like a good time to take off…. 👋 🛫

…and touch down in the „middle kingdom“ (中国 - China).

Within a decade, Xiaomi landed within the top 3 of worldwide phone producers. „Xiaomi“ literally means millet and rice and is based on the Buddhist idea that every single corn of rice can be as important and big as a mountain. A humble name for a big company. The website invites us to discover the newest 10-Ultra phones through rotatable 3D models and videos. Supremely elegant, moody and progressively aesthetic. China says „Zàijiàn!“ and our journey continues. 🛫

Touchdown in the smallest country of our journey - Taiwan. A place where great design is of huge importance. Pixsee by Compal produces and develops baby monitors, which not only record, but also document and recognize the significant moments of early life, for us to watch and keep — forever.

With attention-grabbing doodles, drawings and handwritten texts, the website absorbs and hugs us into feelings of warmth and concealment. I know it seems hard to let go of this warm embrace, but there is still more to discover. 再⾒ – chài-kiàn (Bye)! 🍼 🐣 🛫

Hwa-it-ting (You can do it)!

A website by Frum can definitely do it; responsive design, improved B2C touchpoints and continuous dialogue distinguish this automobile website from all others. Krell makes it all sound so easy, and sooo good!

Their website offers a unique sound experience — in a car that doesn’t physically exist yet, only digitally. A website to lift us off of our feet, just like our plane’s tires are lifting off and taking us back towards Europe. 🛫

We fly over Denmark and throw a last glance out of the window, picturing Kontrapunkt Type’s exquisite website. A digital gallery, inviting people from around the globe to enjoy everything about the topic of fonts and typeface — all from the comfort of your couch.

The interactive visual effects create a rare and enterable typography world. Prepare to land, we’re almost back home! …

Oh, what a trip! I hope you enjoyed our little journey through some of the most elegantly designed websites of this year’s iF Awards. The cabin crew and I, Sascha Hanke, look forward to welcoming you on your next journey, whenever that may be.

An article by Sascha Hanke, iF-Design-Award-Juror, CCO and Co-Owner of häppy, Hamburg, ADCboard member und speaker at the Reeperbahn Festival.