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50 years of Package & Design Magazine

Our media partner Package & Design magazine, one of the most influential professional design periodicals in China, celebrated its 50th anniversary!

We talked to Rhonda Jiang, deputy editor-in-chief of Package & Design Magazine, about the tradition of the magazine and what the future holds - for young professionals.

iF: Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of Package & Design Magazine! Can you tell us a little bit about the beginning and development of the magazine?

Rhonda: Thank you for your congratulations! Package & Design published its very first issue in 1973 when most Chinese did not have a clear understanding of what“design”was. Actually the magazine’s name was Package & Decoration in its first 13 years. It was renamed Design Art in 1985, later renamed Package & Design in 1986.

As almost the first design periodical in China, Package & Design has been committed to introducing international design vision to China for the past 50 years, while helping Chinese design to form its own characteristics and pushing Chinese design to the world stage. Through accompanying and helping the growth of Chinese designers one generation after another, Package & Design has been promoting and witnessing the development of Chinese design.

Rhonda Jiang
"But I believe one thing will not change for the magazine: to promote the development of design, and to help enhance the value of design!"

iF: On the occasion of this special anniversary, you have launched a great Call for Entries: Young graphic designers get the chance to design the cover of the next issue. A great opportunity! Why do you want to open this opportunity for young professionals - or even students?

Rhonda: Package & Design always cares about the growth of young professionals and students who are energetic and creative, and are the backbone and future of the design community. By inviting young professionals worldwide to take part in the cover design for the magazine’s 50th anniversary issue, Package & Design also wants to prove the magazine still YOUNG in its fifties!

iF: What other activities are planned on the occasion of this special anniversary?

Rhonda: We plan to select nice cover designs from the entries to be featured in our magazine. And we will also hold an exhibition for these nice cover designs - during the exhibition, we’ll invite some of the magazine’s consultants and close friends to have a gathering party!

iF: Let's look into the future: What are your goals and aspirations for the next 50 years of the magazine? And where do you think it will all go?

Rhonda: Wow, next 50 years, hard to imagine! The world is changing too fast. The magazine may go totally digital, or may still be alive in print. But I believe one thing will not change for the magazine: to promote the development of design, and to help enhance the value of design!

Download the information about the call for entries

About Package & Design Magazine

With a history of 50 years, “Package & Design” is one of the most influential professional design magazines in China which features packaging design, branding, product design, industrial design, interior design, architecture design, interactive design and design education, etc.

Rhonda Jiang is deputy editor-in-chief of “Package & Design” Magazine in China.