10 May 2021

Celebrating the "CreatiFe Power of Design": Projects from design and architecture honored with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021

Renowned design museums from all over the world are getting ready to offer space on their digital stages to the winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021.

Relaunch: The new iF Design App is now available!

The iF DESIGN AWARD has honored top-class achievements in all the relevant design disciplines – from Product Design, Communication, Packaging and Service Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture and UI and UX and right on up to Professional Concept – for the 67th time in a row. With close to 10,000 products and projects submitted, which were evaluated by 98 international design experts on the iF Jury, it is a record-breaking year. 1,744 designers, agencies and companies from 44 different countries from around the world are the proud recipients of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 for their creative accomplishments. The 75 most outstanding works have been honored with the highest award, the iF gold award 2021.

Because the international awards ceremony in Berlin has to be cancelled for the second time due to the pandemic this year, the award-winning products and projects will be celebrated digitally for 24 hours on 10 May 2021 in cooperation with renowned design museums. The Vitra Design Museum (Germany), the Design Museum London (Great Britain) YANG Design Museum (Shanghai), the Design Museum Everywhere (USA), the Designmuseum Danmark (Denmark), the MAK – Museum for Applied Arts Vienna (Austria) and the Design Museum Den Bosch (Netherlands) are getting ready to offer space on their digital stages for “The CreatiFe Power of Design”. In addition to being featured on the design museum websites, international and national design platforms from the U.S., Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea and Spain, will showcase the award-winning designs in collaboration with the media over the next six months.

What’s more, there’s also a new iF Design App that’s ready to be launched; it will also act as an exciting digital stage and will be a lot of fun for the award winners as well as any app users interested in design.

The iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 at a glance:

  • 9,509 entries (previous year: 7,298)

  • from 52 different countries

  • 98 judges from 21 different countries

  • 9 disciplines

  • 78 categories

  • 1,744 iF award winners

  • from 44 different countries

  • 75 iF gold awards

All the judges at a glance

Relaunch: The new iF Design App is now available!

All the brand-new iF DESIGN AWARDS 2021 are presented in the new iF Design App in a wide variety of different filter options. The shake function unveils surprising insights and tells design stories in unexpected ways. Expressive, contrasting images and the cube navigation encourage users to dive deeper and go on a journey of discovery. If you like, you can sign up for the Weekly Design Dose – a weekly dose of changing design compositions that are just waiting to be discovered anew.

Jury chairpersons of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 on the competition

Jury chairperson Fritz Frenkler:

“Close to 10,000 registrations are a convincing vote of confidence in the work of iF and the iF jury – from both industry and the creative sector. Due to the pandemic, the entire jury process was conducted digitally this year, which demanded a lot from us, the jurors – but the conditions created by the iF team for this were extremely professional. Me-too products, which the jury had to filter out, were also a challenge. The topic of hygiene/pandemic was of course also reflected in the submissions. Many of the solutions deal with this issue, but only in the rarest cases are they fully developed. There's still a lot of potential there – but it gives us a ray of hope.”

Jury chairperson Sam Hecht:

“Prof. Dieter Rams has been beating the drum for constant discourse and to attract attention to the topic of mass consumption and oversupply in the selection of products available for some 40 years. It is necessary to create sustainable solutions that include reuse and recycling. At this year's awards, I had the impression that designers have indeed finally woken up and are addressing these issues. Anyway, the awards show a step in the right direction. This becomes particularly obvious in some of the iF gold awards.”

Jury chairperson Michael Lanz:

“During the judging process, it became clear how quickly the designers have been able to address the new demands – for the home office area, for example. A lot of love was put into well thought-out detailed solutions, such as ingenious folding mechanisms. More and more often, the focus was on optimizing and fine-tuning existing products. The same applies to kitchen appliances. At first glance, a familiar sight, but some interesting detailed solutions, e.g. optimized storage of different foods in the refrigerator – an aspect that plays an important role in the topic of food waste.”

Jury chairperson Achim Nagel: 

“The quality of the projects submitted in all the disciplines has increased further, with the aspects of environmental awareness and regionality being omnipresent. The projects offer differentiated reactions to the changes in the way we live and work, some of them encouraging, taking the question of living in a globalized world with its joys and challenges into consideration."

Jury chairperson Andy Payne: 

"The clarity and role of design and communication are increasingly important to the way brands and businesses connect with their audiences: We're not looking for just any packaging or message – we're looking for the exact presentation at the right time, in the context of our values, our beliefs, and the short- and long-term relationships we build with brands. But saying and showing that is not enough. Great design and communication today lie in the doing, the actual behavior and physical manifestation. It's no longer only the idealized images with their contents, goals, manifestos, reasons for belief and propositions that we remember, but the reality of our experience.”

All the award winners and awards on the iF Design Website:

More on the iF DESIGN AWARD

The iF DESIGN AWARD has been a globally recognized trademark when it comes to excellent design since 1954. The iF Design brand is internationally established as a symbol of outstanding design achievements. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. It honors design achievements in all disciplines: Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design, Architecture and Interior Architecture, as well as Professional Concept, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). All award-winning entries are presented on the iF Design Website and published in the new iF Design App.




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