20 May 2019

iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2019_01 - here are the winners!

More than 4,114 entries from 38 countries all over the world had participated in the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2019_01. 39 concepts have been chosen as winners, 25 of them shared the total prize money of EUR 20,000.

The iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD is one of the largest, most important and prestigious design competition for young design students and graduates. The competition takes place twice a year, with submissions tailored to four topics each time.

  1. WONDERLAND DESIGN PRIZE 2019 by iF – What iF yesterday’s baby products were adapted to fit the lives of tomorrow’s parents?

  2. HAIER DESIGN PRIZE 2019 by iF – Housekeeping in the New World: new designs for helpful household appliances.

  3. What iF sharing was the new buying?

  4. What iF Virtual Reality could help you prepare for dangerous situations?

>> View all award-winning entries on the iF Design Website or download the list of winners here.

iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2019_01 | At a glance:

  • 4,114 registered entries

  • from 38 countries

  • 39 award-winning entries

  • 25 prize winners share prize money of EUR 20,000

Country statistics – the 39 award-winners come from ten countries:

China (17), Czech Republic (1), Germany (3), Iran (1), Republic of Korea (4), Sweden (3), Taiwan (5), Thailand (2), USA (2), UK (1)

iF Design Website

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In the words of our jurors

Angela Carvalho, ncs DESIGN, Brazil
“The iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2019 shows us a world in intense transformation in which the future is now! The intelligent use of resources and the connection between people inspire projects to increasingly focus on meeting human demands. Designers will have to reinvent themselves in order to respond to the future with creativity and responsibility.”

James Auger, Auger-Loizeau, United Kingdom
“As design begins to respond to the challenges we face in the 21st Century, it is essential that those in a position to identify trends and also reward exemplars of new approaches, change accordingly with the times. Design can no longer pander to the demands of the market but should rather acknowledge and embrace the complex systems in which design happens and influences, the winning projects suggest novel ways of achieving this, and can help to guide the next generation of designers, inspiring them to challenge the role and purpose of design today.”

Kanae Tsukamoto, Kanaé Design Labo, Japan
“It is time to think seriously about how we should bring up our kids in a healthy way on both psychological and physical aspects. We have to know we are just human-beings. What is important for humans as being animals, too? Perhaps, “love”. The “love” here has a wide spectrum. You have to look at the society or people with love. You might then hit upon truly kind ideas for kids and parents. Then the society would make more sense and the world will be a be a better place to live in. Please do not chase only for efficiency. Because we are human-beings.”

Kyoko Tanaka, Yellow Design GmbH, Germany
“It´s becoming increasingly important to differentiate yourself from the competition and highlight the (potential) brand in the company´s character, technology and identity. Ensuring a sustainable quality of experience for the user creates a connection and ensures long-term relationships. Design as an essential part of (any) development process is the key to that. The iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD provides a great opportunity for young designers to gain experiences in interdisciplinary design aspects.”



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