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Futuristic Items to Pack for an Outdoor Adventure

Hiking, camping and co are the obvious things to do in summertime. These iF award-winning products and concepts focusing on smart technology and sustainability should be on your packing list.

After spending so much time indoors, many people are drawn to the great outdoors. With summer fully here, spoil yourself with some vacation – even if it’s just for a day or a weekend. When you feel the presence of nature it’s also scientifically proven to improve your health and wellbeing. Whether it’s a trip to the woods, a vacation by the sea, a picnic with friends, or a week-long hike – leaving your usual environment and surrounding yourself with nature has always been the best way to recharge your batteries and get inspired.


EFOY Fuel Cell Series | Manufacturer: SFC Energy AG, Brunnthal, Germany

The leisure version of this direct methanol fuel cell offers power for adventures, like camping, at a stunning cost-value ratio. The new generation combines both worlds in one compact housing with minimum weight and material usage and is furthermore reliable, quiet, weather-independent and self-sufficient.

xSolar | Manufacturer: Shenzhen N Plus Product Planning Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

This solar charger has three key components: a large flexible solar battery pack for energy collection, a large energy-storage battery pack and efficient electronics. All functions are integrated into a compact cylinder through an ingenious reel design. Whether you're hiking or fishing in the wild, xSolar can use the sun's energy to continuously charge your smartphone and other devices. In addition, it has integrated LED lights to provide illumination at night.

OZTENT SV-5 Max Tent | Manufacturer: Oztent Australia Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia

This high-performance rechargeable headlamp offers 24 hours ultra-long runtime and is therefore perfect for trail runners. The maximum 1500 lumens are activated by pressing the top-mounted, separately controlled spot- and floodlight buttons. Charging is via a USB Type-C charging port, and the magnesium body ensures 30% weight reduction compared to similar products.

Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel | Manufacturer: Thule Group, Malmö, Sweden

Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel is the ultimate bike gear locker. It keeps all clothing and accessories organized and visible. Designed with individual cell pockets, tarpaulin-lined zippered pockets and a toolbox structure to easily see and access items, this bike bag houses all wearables and accessories from wherever your ride begins.

OZTENT SV-5 Max Tent | Manufacturer: Oztent Australia Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia

OZTENT makes the only touring tent in the world that can be set up in 30 seconds. The concept of a trapezoidal footprint for the tent, its awning, and all attachments allows for these goals to be achieved. This meant a complete redesign of the tent’s frame and two new patents. It was important to increase the area under the tent awning by at least 35% and enable additional covered space to be easily attached.

Flashlight mobile battery | Manufacturer: ELECOM Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan

The most innovative feature of this mobile battery is that you can use it as a very effective lantern in the event of a disaster by connecting it to a plastic water bottle. It can also be used as a flashlight with four levels of luminance and an SOS mode. Finally, you can use it as a mobile battery for charging smartphones or other devices.

Stromer ST5 with fully integrated ABS | Manufacturer: myStromer AG, Bern, Switzerland

This electric bicycle offers an integrated anti-lock braking system (ABS), adding extra safety on the daily commute. Add to that, it provides exclusive high-end components for high performance and excellent riding dynamics. To add to the benefits of the ST5, ground weld seams and a sophisticated paint finish emphasize the clean design.

Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask | Manufacturer: Hibear, Reno, United States

This product is designed to hold beverages from coffee to cocktails, yet is also simple enough to be used as an everyday water bottle. Stainless steel construction with an unbreakable glass finish prevents flavors and aromas from sticking. The silicone sleeve prevents denting and can double as a cup. The lid can be flipped upside down to brew pourover coffee.

Moonlander | Manufacturer: NEMO Equipment, Inc., Dover, United States

Unlike other camping tables, Moonlander can be used in either a low position - perfect for sitting on a picnic blanket - or as a side table for a camping chair. It packs radically small, to the size of a laptop, and sets up in seconds, like opening a pop-up book. Weighing just 2.2 kg, this table is easy to carry to the ball field, backyard, or backcountry.

8X20 IS / 10X20 IS | Manufacturer: Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan

These compact and lightweight binoculars fit even into small bags. While conventional binoculars with image stabilization tended to be “large, heavy and blurry,” Canon pursued a design that allows users to concentrate on watching, through clear operability and a reduction of physical burden during long periods of use.

off toco_2style Lunch backpack | Manufacturer: ELECOM Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan

This unprecedented backpack has made it possible to put a lunch box/water bottle and other business tools/personal belongings in completely separate spaces and quickly take them out when needed.

NITECORE NPS600 Portable Outdoor Power Station | Manufacturer: SYSMAX Innovations Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China

The NITECORE NPS600 is a portable outdoor power station with a max output power of 300W, a high capacity of 594Wh and various output ports equipped with next-generation 21700 Li-ion batteries. It is your ideal power companion for your road trip, outdoor working and lighting appliances.

JBL Cruise X PowerSports Speaker System | Manufacturer: Harman International Industries, Inc., Northridge, CA, United States

JBL Cruise X PowerSports Speaker System | Manufacturer: Harman International Industries, Inc., Northridge, CA, United States

MUZEN Wild Mini Outdoor Speaker | Manufacturer: Shenzhen Airsmart Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

Tall-metal casing and armored car surface finish of this portable speaker communicate durability and that this speaker can go anywhere. The designers created very simple and direct physical knobs and buttons to give users an intuitive, visual understanding of how to operate the speaker. The device offers the loudest volume for speakers of this size. The top is also equipped with emergency lights that come in handy for any outdoor adventures.

WhiteShark Tini | Manufacturer: Sublue Underwater Ai Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China

Tini is a powerful underwater scooter designed for divers and swimmers. With an IPX8 rating (20M underwater), it can allow device-carrying divers to reach their destination easily, and enhance the swimming experience. The modular Tini Underwater Scooter features a two-speed gearbox and wireless control. It’s also compact, making it very easy to store and carry.

urbanclip | Manufacturer: Joyruby International Co., Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan

Made from aerospace aluminum alloy, this clip and hock weighs only 25g but can hold heavy objects up to 14kg. urbanclip can be easily hung from various surfaces such as chair backs, backpacks, and nets. The elliptical stop slider protrudes from the inner ring, which is visible yet unobtrusive.

BOSCH EasyPump | Manufacturer: Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

This high-performance pressure air pump has an ergonomic, handy and lightweight design. It features an intuitive button design and a pressure preset function which is suitable for all pressure applications up to 10.3 bars. Thanks to the new ergonomic design the display is set at an angle that makes it easier to read when kneeling on the ground. Ideal for inflating tires, balls, and smaller water sports equipment.

Shell by Tropicfeel | Manufacturer: Tropicfeel, Barcelona, Spain

Shell is an ultra-versatile, multi-size backpack with a lightweight, weatherproof, yet minimalist design. It is adjustable from 22L to 40L thanks to the compression side system of the backpack and the front webbing together with the kangaroo pocket. The compression-based wardrobe system allows you to pack up to 20% more than a typical backpack.

AquaTeam | Manufacturer: BETO ENG. & MKTG. Co., Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan

AquaTeam is a high-volume water purification device designed for group use. It is ideal for family camping where running water is unavailable. The shape and structure of AquaTeam are designed to require the minimum application of muscle force. The water tank provides a great reservoir to store clean water.

TERRA Aluminium Cases | Manufacturer: NAD, S.L. - SHAD, Mollet del Vallès, Spain

These top and side aluminum cases are resistant for heavy-duty trips and stylish for commuting on any bike. They are made of sustainable aluminum, clinching instead of welding, and green energy. One of the key innovations is the integrated mechanism and handle in the case, designed to increase security by not catching branches off-road and for ergonomics while carrying.

Polar Grit X | Manufacturer: Polar Electro Oy, Kempele, Finland

Polar Grit X was developed to help outdoor enthusiasts push their boundaries. The watch offers a robust and lightweight design, outstanding battery life, and entirely new Polar smart coaching features. It features US military-grade standard construction, designed for the roughest conditions – perfect for extended adventures.

ALS-01 | Manufacturer: Metal Industries R&D Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This inflatable lifebuoy is an invaluable accessory for any water sport, but particularly those – such as surfing, kayaking, or water skiing – where there's not a lot of room for heavy equipment. ALS-01’s capsule shape makes it easy to open by hand. Just pull the safety ring and throw it into the water next to the person in need of help. The ALS-01 lifebuoy utilizes Aluminum Foam Technology and is not only buoyant in water, but also weather- and impact-resistant.

If you are tired of the same-old evening walk or cycle rides, the anticipation of this year’s first outdoor adventure rises even more. As Covid lockdowns being gradually reversed and tourism likely to swell, you may find a trip into the wild perfect for social isolation or slowly getting closer to other people again. The only thing you need to know is what type of outdoor explorer you are. If you are uncertain, this year’s iF awarded products and concepts in the category Sports / Outdoor / Bicycles of the iF DESIGN AWARD help you on the road to self-perception. And even beyond that, the award-winning items are worth a look. With a focus on smart technology and sustainability, designers created one-of-a-kind products to accompany you on your adventures in nature. They serve different segments of comfort, style and uniqueness. If you ask us, we can’t wait to pack our bags!

When hiking, biking or camping, it’s crucial to have little helpers that are practical and purpose-built to make the most of your trip. Among the most exciting advancements in product development are futuristic gadgets like the electric bicycle "Stromer ST5 with fully integrated ABS", a fast and future-oriented design for the best possible riding dynamics. Combined with the gold awarded smart cycling helmet "LIVALL EVO21" featuring a built-in SOS system in case of an emergency, you’re all set for a fun – and futuristic – bike trip. Or do you prefer a trip by car? The gold awarded SUV "2021 Ford Bronco" creates an off-road driving experience as close to riding bare-back as any car can. Along with the car speaking system "JBL Cruise X PowerSports Speaker System" that provides an universal strap-mounting hardware and unique ball-joint for placing anywhere you like in your vehicle, musical entertainment is taken to the next new level.

2021 Ford Bronco | Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, United States

This off-road-oriented, body-on-frame SUV is built for those who have waited patiently for the legend’s return to the wilderness. The visual DNA captures the single-piece grille, round lights bisected by a bar carrying the product name, the front fender ‘trail sights’ helping the user see the vehicle's corners, contrast color removable roof, redacted surface language where all superfluous styling or detail has been removed.

LIVALL EVO21 | Manufacturer: Qianhai LIVALL loT Technology Co., Ltd., Madrid, Spain

This road bike helmet is inspired by time trial aero helmets that optimize air resistance and reduce perspiration through a system of inner channels. In the event of an accident, the SOS system, via the user's smartphone, calls emergency services, providing the cyclist’s geolocation as well as flashing the helmet lights. Thanks to the LIVALL app, the user can connect to a class-leading community of interconnected cyclists.

Gone are the days when outdoor adventures were initially associated with fighting storms, rain and heat. Nobody wants to feel cold, soaking wet, overheated – or even out of battery – so keeping comfortable is what not only you have in mind but designers improving user experience and increasing the comfortability degree to which you feel the best. With "EFOY", thanks to state-of-the-art methanol and hydrogen fuel cells, you’ll always have enough battery life, even if you’re off the grid for a few days.

For a picnic with friends, the utility bottle "Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask" is the so-called Swiss army knife of insulated bottles, suitable for all kinds of drinks, from coffee to cocktails. No need to be tied to single-use plastics anymore. Going camping? It doesn’t have to be so cumbersome: The "Moonlander" table features a futuristic design, while the "OZTENT SV-5 Max Tent" can be set up in 30 seconds. Going back to nature, back to where it all starts while embracing the possibilities of modern design and technology is what will make outdoor adventures now even more special.


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