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Hit the Road With These Trailblazing Bicycle Innovations

Riding a bike is fun, healthy and expresses independence. These iF awarded products reflect the best of current design and technology.

The bicycle industry has benefited more than most sectors from the Corona pandemic. In times of both an increased anxiety of physical contact and a heightened urge for mobility and freedom, people rather rely on one of the most simplified ways to move around. Cycling expresses independence of public transportation routes and schedules. Cycling can even become an act of mindfulness. Feeling the sun on your face and the air in your hair is a wonderful way to break office routines. 

Current bicycle designs make it easy to get excited about cycling – whether you are a full-blooded bike enthusiast, a newbie or an occasional cyclist at the weekend. Designers have come up with exciting solutions as reflected in this year’s iF award-winning products in the category Sports / Outdoor / Bicycles. All of them share one standout claim. It’s the idea to make riding your bike easier to incorporate into your lifestyle. Just like shoes and hats, bikes come in many different shapes and for various activities, ranging from city bikes, trekking bikes, touring bikes and e-bikes to road racing bikes and mountain bikes. 


OOHBIKE es una bicicleta eléctrica innovadora | Manufacturer: OOHBIKE, Barcelona, Spain
The OOHBIKE was designed to be non-conformist, exclusive, and groundbreaking with the eycatching feature of a hubless front wheel. It is also perfectly suited to all types of urban terrain thanks to its solid, unbreakable Tannus tires, is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of recycled materials, and ultra-connected thanks to its smartphone interface.
COMMUTER:ON | Manufacturer: CANYON Bicycles GmbH, Koblenz, Germany
This e-bike combines robust fenders, a discreet rear rack, bright lights, and a compact yet powerful drive system with a lightweight aluminum frame. As the lightest e-bike with this amount of features and drive power, it can just as easily be carried up steps as quickly pedaled through town. A modern and minimalist design.
Intelligent power wheel | Manufacturer: Jiande Wuxing Bicycle Co., Ltd., Jiande, China
This product organically combines a battery, motor, sensor, controller, and other electric unit components to form a complete power system, and adds the intelligent functions to realize IOT interaction. Ordinary bicycles can be converted into electric bicycles by replacing the rear wheelset with this product. Achieve riding assistance, reduce physical consumption, and improve commuting speed.
Diamant 136 | Manufacturers: Bikeurope B.V./Trek Deutschland c/o Trek Fahrrad GmbH, Dübendorf, Switzerland
This urban bike is a fashion statement. Born in the design of the 1990s, Diamant 136 pays tribute to a positive decade and its iconic products. The derailleur system is more intuitive, more durable and lighter than comparable models.
3T Exploro RaceMax | Manufacturer: 3T Cycling S.r.l., Presezzo, Italy
The 3T RaceMax is the first gravel bike that uses all the aerodynamic tricks of a road bike but has space for a best-in-gravel-class 61mm tire. The geometry puts the rider in a fast position too, the deceptively wide downtube shields the water bottles, the internal cable routing provides a clean finish. The triple-color paint and countless details exude the attention to detail 3T has been known for in its 60-year history.
TOGO85° | Manufacturer: Hongji Intelligent Bike Co., Ltd., Changzhou, China
TOGO85° is a 20” shaft-drive e-bike designed for urban users. The whole vehicle is composed of fewer than ten modules. Thanks to the maintenance-free shaft-drive design, users can experience a much smoother and safer ride. A built-in smart sensor detects the riding terrain in real time and adjusts the power output accordingly. With the introduction of the pressure casting technique, the vehicle is stronger and more impact-resistant.
Canyon_Fix_3-in-1 Minitool | Manufacturer: CANYON Bicycles GmbH, Koblenz, Germany
This product combines three tools into one small, light mini-tool. It features a ratchet with four double-sided bits, a Dynaplug® tool to fix punctures on tubeless tires, and a CO2 inflator to pump up flats. The tool is compact yet extremely versatile and lightweight thanks to the CNC-milled aluminum body.
DiDi Bike Durian Series | Manufacturer: BeiJing DiDi Infinity Technology and Development Co., Ltd. (DiDi), Beijing, China
This shared bike draws its inspiration from the antelope's graceful silhouette. The internally-geared hub ensures smooth adaptability across all terrains. Thanks to its replaceable saddle shells, protective pedal buffers, and a dynamo headlight, the Durian is a bike for a new era. Over 80% of its parts are degradable and recyclable for further use in peripheral products.
TITICI EVERSO | Manufacturer: Trerè Innovation Srl, Asola, Italy
This bike redefines the endurance/all-mountain biking experience on the most challenging and fascinating trails. It is designed with a full carbon monocoque frame with TITICI-Expandable Core-System - an innovative single-pivot suspension system inspired by off-road motorbikes - 160 mm travel, and 29” wheels. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Shimano EP8 motor, the most powerful in its category, you can ride farther and longer.
Foldable Bike Rack | Manufacturer: Aukey Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China
This foldable indoor bike rack has a scratch-proof coating and thickened ABS ratchet-gear-like frame cradles, allowing it to firmly hold up to 48.5 pound of weight load. Its "push button" mechanisms allow users to adjust the arms to their desired angles by simply pushing the button, so the bike can be secured in a horizontal position.
Gazelle No1 (speed pedelec) | Manufacturer: Koninklijke Gazelle, Dieren, Netherlands
The playful, creative frame of this e-bike is made from aluminum and carbon fiber. The customer can choose between five colors, three frame sizes, 625 or 1125 Wh battery capacity, and four stems to ensure the right fit.
BN3TH North Shore Chamois | Manufacturer: BN3TH, North Vancouver, Canada
These cycling shorts feature a patent-pending (Sea-to-Sky) STS Pad™ and patented MyPakage Pouch Technology™ to maximize comfort while biking. Aditionally, the permanent silver anti-odor IONIC+™ technology kills odor before it starts.
Gmigo One | Manufacturer: Tianjin Jidian Road Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin, China
Gmigo is an innovative modular smart e-bike with small wheels, addressing urban young people who seek environmentally-friendly mobility and multiple travel scenarios. The unique frame plug-in (disconnecting-connecting) structure has been designed to easily replace different module components. The magnesium alloy die-cast body also reduces the weight.
FORE_bicycle | Manufacturer: NKC Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan
The high usability of this minimalistic bike is achieved by combining the shaft-drive technology with an aluminum frame and magnesium wheel. Users are freed from the stress of oily stains on clothes, stuck clothes on wheels, and frequent maintenance since this bike is chainless.
Vis - Bike Sharing 2.0 | Manufacturer: Helloglobal, Shanghai, China
After connecting via Bluetooth, users of this shared bike can download custom information from the cloud server and select the emoticon package representing their mood to be displayed on the electronic screen powered by solar energy. The smooth U-shape and bright color give a young and interesting impression. The U-shaped frame also reduces the height, making it easier to get on and off, which ensures a comfortable riding experience.
Giro | Manufacturer: Kion Home S.L Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain
GIRO is an innovative bicycle wall mount that can be adjusted to accommodate all types of bike frames. Thanks to its simple and intuitive rotating mechanism, GIRO can adopt three different angles of inclination for the ideal position for each bicycle. The rotation axis of the mechanism turns into a hanger for objects such as helmets, locks, keys, and much more.

Take, for example, the electric bicycle "TOGO85°" and the gold awarded futuristic folding bike "Halfway". They are rather small bikes, easy to carry and transport – and fast. And let’s not forget bicycle accessories that are also on the cutting edge of technology. They are stylish gadgets adding the final touch to biking trips, from the minimal and flexible bicycle lock  to the cycling shorts "BN3TH North Shore Chamois", which provide extra comfort with patented padding.

Groundbreaking bicycle innovations feature a modern, sleek design and many options. The "Diamant 136W" is a prime example of an e-bike specifically for urban use thanks to its light weight and low-maintenance appearance. Another exceptional invention is the "Intelligent Power Wheel", which gives conventional bikes extra speed. 

Especially urban cycling has become top of the agenda for designers and manufacturers contributing to a better quality of people’s lives. It’s also a trend reacting to a growing number of cities and state governments supporting cycling-friendly infrastructures and declaring car-free zones to protect the environment. Within this cycling culture of the modern city, bike sharing schemes have become effective and sustainable. "DiDi Bike Durian Series" comes in neon-colours, the design inspired by an antelope’s silhouette and over 80 percent of its parts degradable and recyclable for further use in peripheral products. Another iF awarded sharing bike is "Vis - Bike Sharing 2.0" whose electronic screen is powered by solar energy and can displays various emoticons representing the mood of the user.

Halfway | Manufacturer: Giant Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, China

This is a minimalistic and practical folding bike with a clean, uninterrupted style that blends seamlessly into any city landscape. Thanks to the single-sided fork and chain-stay utilized in the folding system, you can easily carry it by car or on public transportation. The auto-lock system provides fewer steps for folding and introduces a new level of safety while riding.

LIVALL EVO21 | Manufacturer: LIVALL Europe, Madrid, Spain

This road bike helmet is inspired by time trial aero helmets that optimize air resistance and reduce perspiration through a system of inner channels. In the event of an accident, the SOS system, via the user's smartphone, calls emergency services, providing the cyclist’s geolocation as well as flashing the helmet lights. Thanks to the LIVALL app, the user can connect to a class-leading community of interconnected cyclists.

"The time of the great bicycle boom is now – and thanks to current design and technology, it has never been so easy to be on the road."

E-bikes are another popular way enabling city commuters to get to work, as further shown by some examples above. Long gone are the days when people laughed about them being only something for the elderly. You no longer must show up at the office drenched in sweat after your commute. E-bikes offer physical exercise combined with some assistance when needed for maximum flexibility. A real eyecatcher is "OOHBIKE es una bicicleta eléctrica innovadora" thanks to its hubless front wheel. Do you rather seek a vehicle for multiple travel scenarios? "Gmigo One" is a modular smart e-bike whose components can be easily transformed into an e-scooter.

The time of the great bicycle boom is now – and thanks to current design and technology, it has never been so easy – and so chic – to be on the road.


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