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Lighting influences how we feel and act

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any spatial design, whether in a home, office, or public building. Well-designed lighting can enhance the atmosphere, mood, and functionality of a space. Lighting designers must consider the purpose of the space, the activities that take place within it, and the desired mood or ambiance. Lighting design solutions range from the simple, such as selecting the right light bulbs and fixtures, to complex installations that incorporate color-changing lights, programmable controls, and other smart technologies.

Lighting designers must also consider sustainability issues in an age of spiraling energy costs, using the most energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures to minimize environmental impact and reduce costs. Additionally, they must bear in mind the long-term maintenance and replacement needs of the system. The iF DESIGN AWARD of components, technologies and techniques that meet or exceed the state of the art in lighting design.


The iF expert jury for product design in the category "Lighting" evaluates the whole range of lighting design, components, technologies and techniques of the market facing the needs of consumer as well as architects:

  • lighting systems

  • accessories,

  • flashlights,

  • lamps,

  • lights,

  • safety lights,

  • workplace lighting and more.

Impress the jury with your design achievements and take your project on the next level by applying for the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024!

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Designs can be submitted in 9 main disciplines with various subcategories and even across disciplines.


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Early Bird – 30 Jun 2023: EUR 250
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Last Chance – 8 Nov 2023: EUR 450

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After passing the iF Online Preselection, your entry is evaluated by the iF Final Jury in Berlin 20-22 Feb 2024

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