TAIPEI CYCLE 2023 Gold Award - Green Prize

Gouach, eco-designed battery
Eco-design lithium-ion battery for micromobility

Category: 02 Parts and components

Gouach designs, develops and manufactures an eco-friendly and sustainable lithium-ion battery for micro-mobility that operates in a circular economy.
In a conventional battery, cells are spot-welded together making them uneconomical to repair or rarely recycled. Gouach battery is made without spot-welding, making it effortless to assemble, repair and recycle. It takes less than 10 minutes to access and replace individual cells. The cells are also recovered for second life applications. This changes the ecosystem of batteries to a circular economy model, divides the environmental impact by 4 and the total cost of ownership of electric vehicle

Client / Manufacturer

Bordeaux, France


Bordeaux, France

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Alexandre Valette

46 rue de ruat
Bordeaux, France
+3306 71 35 89 43