TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2023

Hydraulic disc brake

Category: 02 Parts and components

ARC-S has a new lever blade design, shorter grip distance, suitable for youth /adult mountain bikes with more comfortable grip and reducing the fatigue of long term riding.
Furthermore, the users can adjust the lever grip distance according to their own riding posture. ARC-S differs from other products in its structure. It is designed with a linkage mechanism feature that accelerates the speed of the piston, which means that the braking effect can be achieved with a small lever stroke, allowing faster response and less strenuous control.

Client / Manufacturer

Chia Cherne Industry
Changhua City, Taiwan


Chia Cherne Industry
Changhua City, Taiwan


Wang Yao

Chia Cherne Industry
No. 55, Lane 121, Lane 175, Guosheng Road
500, Changhua City
+886 04 7323090#1705