Rechargeable Bike Light Set with Charging Case

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A powerful and versatile bike light set that charges on the go and fits in your pocket!
Much like how AirPod cases charge AirPods, the Lumixell Proton has a compact case that charges each light on the go. The best part? Both lights and charger are the size of a bluetooth earbuds case Each set comes with both Front and Taillights, alongside multiple mounting accessories for different mounting options. You can attach each proton by using our magnetic coupling mounting strap, which securely snaps and locks each light onto your bike. All your needs in one small pocketable case, ensuring a safe journey down any road.

Jury Statement

The Proton bike lighting is a very thought-through solution, with a very easy and user-friendly charging solution in the combination of storage and minimal maintenance. Nice to avoid double wires. The size of the lights fits perfectly in your bag or in your pocket, easy for transportation and storage. It gives a fine level of light to be seen and to see the road. The mounting is easy on the bike with a simple rubber strip, and the attachment of the lights is very easy with the strong magnet. The understated design is nice and elegant with good details and fits perfectly on most bicycles.

Organix Concept Ltd.
Hong Kong

Organix Concept Ltd.
Hong Kong

Albert Ng , Cal So


Mr. Pun Tak Albert Ng

Organix Concept Ltd
Hong Kong