Stash RT Ratchet Tool Kit
Bike Tool Kit

Category: 03 Cycling Accessories

Granite Stash RT Ratchet Tool Kit is a sleek, integrated tool system for cyclists, ingeniously stored within the bike's fork steerer tube. This compact kit includes a mini ratchet wrench and 9 essential tool bits for on-the-go repairs and maintenance. This project addresses the need for accessible, space-efficient bike tools. Traditional tool kits are bulky and inconvenient, especially for bikepacking or long rides. The Stash RT deserves recognition for its innovative, space-saving solution to cyclists' tool needs. It combines practicality with aesthetic design, enhancing the cycling experience while keeping bikes streamlined and function.

Jet Rider Co., Ltd.
Taichung, Taiwan

Jet Rider Co., Ltd.
Taichung, Taiwan

Je-Kuan Jau , Ya-Pin Tsai , Chien-Hua Li



Jet Rider CO., LTD.
Taichung City, Taiwan