Terms of Participation

Who can participate?

Students and recent graduates from all design-related courses and programs (up to 2 years after graduation) are welcome to register their entries for the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2022 free of charge. The concepts should not be older than 2 years at the time they are submitted. We will also accept works by small teams of designers with maximum 4 team members.


What we need for registration

Please upload 1 or 2 images of your entry as follows:

  • Image size: 1536 pixels min. edge length, max. 15 megapixel

  • Aspect ratio: landscape and portrait format

  • File format: JPG

  • File size: max. 5 MB

  • Color space: RGB

  • Naming: your Entry-ID_name of your entry_No. of picture, an example: 123456-Social_App_01

If you win an award, we will use your entry description and images also for
the iF design app and for our PR work.

The core of your application is the presentation poster! You can submit 1 or 2 pages for each entry, saved in ONE PDF file. It should represent your idea clearly in words and images.

Poster details:

  • Format: DIN A1, horizontal (840 mm length x 594 mm height)

  • Font size for description and index data: 20 pt

  • Font: Frutiger or other sans serif fonts such as Arial, Franklin Gothic, Futura, Helvetica, Univers

  • Resolution: 300 dpi at 100% positioning

  • Data must be sent as platform independent PDF-X3 file

  • Maximum file size: 5 MB (each poster)

  • General information must include: category, name of your entry, name(s) of student(s), name of university, city and country

You will find a good example of how the poster should be structured in the screenshot below:

Optionally you can also submit a video to explain your entry.
The video should not be longer than 3 minutes and it must be possible
to play it using standard software.

Each entry must be described clearly so that the jury is able to fully get
the idea and properly evaluate it.

What we need:
English language text / description (max. 650 characters incl. spaces)

Please note: 
Google Translate does not always provide a correct translation! Without a clear and understandable English description your application will not be accepted.

Every team member must provide an eligible certification of study with clear indication of university and year of study. All certifications should be included in one PDF file.

As a student please upload a scan of your student ID.
As a recent graduate please upload a scan of your graduation certificate.



Registration deadline
16 March 2022

Jury session
18 May 2022

Information to the award winners
from 24 May 2022

Awards ceremony in Berlin
29/30 June 2022

Publication of the award winners
(iF Design Website, iF Design App,
PR and Social Media work)
30 June 2022

Important to know

  • You can submit as many entries as you like - but each entry can only be submitted once per competition. You are not permitted to submit the same entry to several categories.

  • To admit your concept to the jury, the online registration has to be complete! After you have submitted your online registration, we will immediately send you a confirmation email.

Address data

  • Please use the “Address data” to indicate your university address. If already available in “my iF addressbook” just choose an address from there. If you want to create a new address as your university address, please click on the button “Change” under your university address and then click on “Add New Address”.

  • If you have studied at more than one university, please enter the one where the entry you are submitting was mainly designed.

Team projects

  • Teams with up to four members can submit entries together. You can only create one user account for the whole team.

  • In the section "Credits" you can add three more team members with name and university.

  • All correspondence will be sent to the team member who created and manages the user account for the team. If your team concept will be awarded, all team members will receive an award.


Jury and Prize Money

Jury experts from all over the world will evaluate all admitted entries and decide on the award winners as well as on the distribution of prize money of EUR 50,000 in total.


  • Winner logo for download

  • Winner certificate for download

  • iF Jury Feedback Chart for download

  • Your award-winning entry will be specially marked and shown on the iF Design Website unlimited in time.

  • All winning entries will be published in the iF Design App.

  • Your entry will be presented in the iF design exhibition Chengdu.

  • iF PR and Social Media work

  • Awards ceremony on 29 and 30 July 2022 in Berlin


You are encouraged to submit your concept only to the categories of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (1-15). Concepts that do not meet these goals thematically will not be accepted and thus not admitted to the jury. 


Does it solve a problem?

  • Degree of innovation

  • Degree of elaboration

  • Uniqueness

  • Use value and usability

Moral-ethical standards

Does it reflect or promote high moral-ethical standards?

  • Human dignity

  • Respect for the individual justice and fairness

  • Awareness of environmental standards

  • Social responsibility


Does it strengthen group relations?

  • Sensitivity for cultural traditions and power relations

  • Concern for common goals and the collective

  • Addressing social conflict through dialogue

Economic calculation

Does it make economic sense?

  • Efficient use of resources

  • Feasibility and ease of implementation

  • Long-term perspective

  • Profitability

Beneficial experiences

Does it create a positive experience?

  • Respect for the individual, justice + fairness, positive experience and fun

  • Aesthetic potential, spatial ambience

  • Social responsibility, comfort and pleasure



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