0720 Cosmetics
0720 Cosmetics
0720 Cosmetics
0720 Cosmetics


0720 Cosmetics

Cosmetic branding

Teenage girls are clueless about how to buy and apply makeup, leading to careless purchases of low-quality products that damage their budding skin. The brand 0720 was created based on a study of 1,000 teens’ needs. The brand concept is “The So-Easy Cosmetics”, designed as a primary beauty solution for girls who long to express their beauty in a safe and fun way. The brand name represents 07:20 am in the morning, when on-the-go girls have to fuss over getting ready for school. The story of 0720 – that “we are really busy but are not lazy about grooming” starts here.

Client / Manufacturer

BCL Comsmetics

Seoul, KR


Seoul, KR
Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
Asia, Specific country/region: South Korea
Target Groups
Consumer / User, Specific sub-group: Teenager