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Optical plaque detection tool

Over a lifetime, more than 90% of people will suffer from dental and periodontal diseases (of teeth and gums), even though these are among the most preventable and treatable conditions. 2 CARE is a monitoring tool designed to aid in the early detection and treatment of dental and periodontal diseases and to help users improve their oral hygiene routines. It uses blue light emissions, a fish-eye lens, and optical glass to detect dental plaque and other conditions. 2 CARE integrates AI technology via an app to analyze and interpret diagnostic imagery and assist in self-examination.


This project takes a thorough yet easy-to-use approach to dental hygiene and care, giving every user a simple yet powerful diagnostic tool that helps them nip dental disease in the bud. Very well thought out and beautifully executed!


We feel deeply honored to receive the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD in recognition of our dental care solution. This motivates us to further develop and refine our work.


Tunghai University

Taichung, TW

Chou Yueh-Ju

Tunghai University

Chien Yu-Chieh

Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT)

Sun Yu-Chieh

National Taipei University of Education (NTUE)