20 Gründe wider den VSF – Eine Festschrift


“Small and covert” was the guiding theme for the contents and the layout of the Festschrift published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the VSF (network of self-governing bikeshops). Once founded as an “alternative ecological association”, the VSF has grown to be the most professional biking sector network in Germany. The Festschrift is a clear counter to the regular publication of this type. Instead of typical self-adulation, 20 prejudices against the VSF are taken, illustrated in black and white, and then rebutted in colour on the two following double pages. Informations and historical facts are placed on a package insert.

Client / Manufacturer

VSF – Verbund Selbstverwalteter Fahrradbetriebe e.V.

Aurich, DE

echtweiß | Corporate Design

Heidelberg, DE