4mm Ultra Sinuscope
4mm Ultra Sinuscope
4mm Ultra Sinuscope
4mm Ultra Sinuscope


4mm Ultra Sinuscope

Optical system

Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH

Endoscopic optics are the basic instrument of the optical image transfer during an endoscopic observation, diagnosis and treatment of nasal endoscopy and sinuscopy. The device can be coupled with an ultra-high resolution 4K camera system for optical monitoring and documentation. It provides four times more information than conventional Full HD imaging systems. The device features a slim design of the optical system with a 4 mm diameter and a working length of 176.5 mm. This length provides potential benefits to the ENT surgeon. Also the system is fully autoclavable during the cleaning, desinfection and sterilisation process.

Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Further localization:: Worldwide
Target Groups
Other target groups:: Surgeons and registered Doctors