90% MILK
90% MILK
90% MILK
90% MILK


90% MILK

Milk Package and Milk Vending Machine

Pandas are human treasures, and so are kids. However, thousands of kids in impoverished communities are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. We presented the concept of "90% milk"- consumers get 90% of the milk they purchase and donate the remaining 10%. "90% milk" will be stored in vending machines for sale with a panda logo and "90%" in writing. We want our customers to empathize with others and understand that their actions are contributing to society. Prevalent vending machines make it easier for people to buy the milk and contribute to a good cause. As a result, sales will increase, which will help us battle against the humanitarian crisis that affects these kids.


A simple concept for a good cause with a good execution.


We're honored to win this award. For us, it is not only a big surprise, but also a sense of pride which encourages us to believe and insist on our design.


Guangdong University of Technology

Guangzhou, CN