A Todo Reciclaje
A Todo Reciclaje


A Todo Reciclaje

Recycling program within an integration project

A Todo Reciclaje is a program that separates, collects and classifies urban solid waste at source. It is part of the Social, Economic and Urban Integration Project of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires that seeks to turn Barrio Mugica (former villa 31, the most important informal settlement in Argentina) into a formal neighborhood. ATR functions since 2018 and has recovered more than 530 tons of material. Based on collaborative work between neighbors, cooperatives, the City Government and Delterra.org, ATR addresses informality and climate change, creating formal jobs while raising awareness about the environmental impact of waste.


One of the projects with the greatest impact and trajectory that promotes various topics of interest and exercises a collective system to be executed.


Receiving this award fills our entire team, particularly the cooperatives, with pride and serves as a great encouragement. It motivates us to continue our green transformation. We are committed to expanding our technical resources and machinery to drive and further develop this program.


Special Projects Unit Barrio Mugica’s Urbanization, Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, AR
Date of Launch