Active Wash Series
Active Wash Series
Active Wash Series
Active Wash Series


Active Wash Series

Top loading washer and dryer

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

This sleek, minimalist black stainless steel exterior washing machine design comes with the world’s first touch control located on the top back and is designed slightly inclined for a comfortable viewing angle. The built-in sink facilitates pretreatment of the laundry load at the washer, eliminating trips to the sink in the bathroom or kitchen. The application of wave patterns on its surface also makes it look wider and deeper. So, users can pre-wash their laundry more conveniently and pleasantly. The textured wave pattern not only prevents laundry items from slipping, but the traction effect helps wash away old, set stains.

Date of Launch
Development Time
up to 12 months
Target Regions
North America
Target Groups
Consumer / User