Amtrol-Alfa HP CoMet
Amtrol-Alfa HP CoMet
Amtrol-Alfa HP CoMet
Amtrol-Alfa HP CoMet


Amtrol-Alfa HP CoMet

HP lightweight cylinder

Amtrol-Alfa, Metalomecânica S.A.

Amtrol-Alfa HP CoMet – a new cylinder for industrial gases, representing a breakthrough lightweight user friendly design, achieving a new level of mobility and universal use, marketed today by Dehon Mooviz®, a 13.4 l for CO₂ (17 kg tare weight). It has an HPDE fully dismountable body equipped with lightweight carbon fiber reinforced welded steel liner, internal polymeric shock absorbers and heavy-duty shock-absorbing wheels, capable of bearing impact and drop tests according to ISO11119-4/11117-EN12245. A high-positioned open-wide front handle (enclosing RFID for tracking) allows improved ergonomics and easy and safe use for workers.

Client / Manufacturer

Amtrol-Alfa, Metalomecânica S.A.

Guimarães, PT

Dehon S. A.

Vincennes, FR

Escritorio de Design

Arouca, PT
Date of Launch
Development Time
13 - 24 months
Target Regions
Europe, North America
Target Groups
Trade / Industry