Automatic thrombolysis
Automatic thrombolysis


Automatic thrombolysis

Medical device

When a person suffers a heart attack, their survival and recovery depends on them receiving emergency treatment as quickly as possible. If they are alone, the situation becomes critical. The thrombolytic therapy drip could save a person's life in such an emergency. The drip, which is attached to the patient's arm, is able to test the rate of blood flow. If blood circulation slows or stops abruptly, the drip will automatically locate a vein and inject the appropriate first-aid medication.


This is a good solution to a very relevant problem. It has to be tested for safety, that the injection must be appropriate to the disease, but once that is assured it can safe many lives. It was not clear if the device can also send a signal to the rescue team. This could be another good feature.


Saving the life of a heart attack patient depends on responding in time. Thanks for the encouragement inherent in this award. We will continue to study with enthusiasm.


Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

NanChang, CN