Bamboo Project
Bamboo Project


Bamboo Project

Multimedia Installation

To echo the environmental issues with a design philosophy rooted in Chinese culture, Jeff Dah-Yue Shi presents “Bamboo Project” to show bamboo’s versatility via three aspects. 1. A quakeproof house is built up, due to the resilience and flexibility of bamboo fibers, with the appearance of a free-formed intertexture. 2. Dimmed and brightened with rhythm in the house, “LED bamboo” is a green building material and recessed luminaire, combining bamboo panels with LED readily for floor, wall and ceiling use. 3. Various design objects on display show the potential of the left behind traditional bamboo crafts when revitalized by contemporary design.

Client / Manufacturer

Jeff Dayu Shi

Dragonfly Design CenterBeijing, CN

Dragonfly Design Center

Beijing, CN